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My Bartops Creations


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Hi to everyone

After a lot of search i decided to build my first bartop Cab powered by raspberry Pi.IMG_0051 2.JPGIMG_0046.JPGIMG_0006.JPGIMG_0011.JPGIMG_0055 2 copy.jpg

but i was not so happy with the results so i decided to build another one!!!This time powered by pcb PandoraBox 4 just for fun!IMG_0061 2.JPG





Now my next project will be a Bartop pc powered with Hyperspin Front end.




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On 2/11/2017 at 7:53 PM, Ted777 said:

Aw man, that looks awesome!  Where do you find T mouldings like that?

The chrome t-molding i bought it from eBay, the red one from arcadeworld.

On 2/13/2017 at 3:28 AM, TragicallyGeek said:

I love the audio control panel and what you did with the power on the back.  I hope you don't mind if I steal that :)  Did you purchase the read power panel as a single piece?

No i made it by my self.I don't mind.Glad you like it. If you need help just message me.

On 4/11/2017 at 5:41 AM, f8lbyte said:

What is the best site to purchase or acquire cabinet plans from?

I made my own plans. I don t know any site.

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My last creation!!!!

Powered by pc

  • OS win 10 pro  (using custom user interface) booting straight in big box FrontEnd
  • 19 inch Monitor
  • intel pentium G4400 3.3Ghz
  • Geforce GT710 1Gb
  • 8 Gb ram
  • ssd 128 Gb for OS and FE
  • HDD 1Tb for roms
  • usb wifi dongle
  • ipac keyboard interface for arcade controls 
  • PSU 600 watt powering Pc+audio amplifier+lights
  • arcade buttons Gold leaf
  • Joystick unfortunately generic( run out of money)

Now i have to make a vinyl sticker for the control panel...



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Awesome! Super quality build!  I made one myself, but for some reason I don-t remember, made it only 1P... (even though I did have 2 sets of controllers).


Might redo the control panel and add the second set.


In my case, as it was mostly just for old games, I used a mini ITX P4 PC

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