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  1. My last creation!!!! Powered by pc OS win 10 pro (using custom user interface) booting straight in big box FrontEnd 19 inch Monitor intel pentium G4400 3.3Ghz Geforce GT710 1Gb 8 Gb ram ssd 128 Gb for OS and FE HDD 1Tb for roms usb wifi dongle ipac keyboard interface for arcade controls PSU 600 watt powering Pc+audio amplifier+lights arcade buttons Gold leaf Joystick unfortunately generic( run out of money) Now i have to make a vinyl sticker for the control panel...
  2. The chrome t-molding i bought it from eBay, the red one from arcadeworld. No i made it by my self.I don't mind.Glad you like it. If you need help just message me. I made my own plans. I don t know any site.
  3. Correct me if i m wrong but i think raspberry pi cannot work with hub for controllers.you have to connect every controller in different usb port if you use retropie!
  4. Soon i will upload my new project. Bartop arcade with pc powered by BigBox(launchbox). i m very excited. Stay Tuned...
  5. I use 19" panel.fujitsu 19 b19-5 eco.i haven t tried using a scan line generator. Maybe in the future.
  6. Thank you Icemanad. I made my plans in autocad an i used cnc router to cut the side walls.
  7. i don t have room either. i just move cabs around the house :-)
  8. Hi to everyone After a lot of search i decided to build my first bartop Cab powered by raspberry Pi. but i was not so happy with the results so i decided to build another one!!!This time powered by pcb PandoraBox 4 just for fun! Now my next project will be a Bartop pc powered with Hyperspin Front end.
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