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  1. The free version of launch box isnt much to look at that its got were it counts!
  2. launch box all the way.... or should I say BigBox all the way. Its worth every penny!
  3. wow I really gotta try that gameboy shader
  4. Wow, really good craftsmanship
  5. wow that is REALLY nice looking
  6. Im really old school. six button layout happ joystick and buttons. Convex tho, those concave button are murder on your fingers! lol
  7. hahahaha thats awesome...and by awesome, i mean terrible!
  8. Wow dude! Awesome job. I wish I had the room to make one myself.
  9. was thinking the same thing. cant seem to find them anywhere
  10. Thank you sooo much for sharing cant wait to try each one out
  11. Really interested in the whole virtual pinball scene. Is it hard to set up?
    Thanks! These bezels look awesome!
    Thanks! great pack!
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