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  1. Hi and welcome, also new but find the community very welcoming. I wish there was some form of IRC chat or something, form what I can tell there used to be.
  2. I was sorely disappointed when Nintendo release Paper Mario as the sequel. Not sure what was going on with the Square agreement. Even to this day as an adult I will NEVER forget 'PEARLS' after spending hours on that damn puzzle.
  3. Currently meddling with HyperSpin but based on some posts here I am seriously condering BigBox [LaunchBox] or RetroFE.
  4. I found one of the other threads, here are two links I found from them: Hopefully these help you out.
  5. I swear this is the 3rd thread on this topic I have seen in 4 minutes.
  6. Nice vid, welcome and thank you for sharing! :)
  7. I was looking for something else like this myself, sadly I haven't found much. There are at least 3 threads on here with a list of emulators and their systems. Personally, Mame & Retroarch with cores cover the majority of my needs, finished off with Dolphin, WinVice and a few other specifics and I am good. I will follow up here when I can find a link for you.
  8. As others have mentioned, I prefer to stick to original aspect and supplement with bezels as required.
  9. I haven't noticed much of an issue, although I do run on a gigabit network. Some of the larger files take an extra few seconds to load, this is one of the things I have really liked the fades for in RocketLauncher.
  10. Yupp! If it wasn't for issues I ran into with 10 I would run both across the network.
  11. Is there a baseline on the Wii U emulation requirements? Just curious how my 3rd gen i5 would work.
  12. Is there access to the documentation without having a current membership? Just looking for info to read before I can get my membership.
  13. Thank you for this info, hopefully next week I will be able to check out the modular system as I think it will have more appeal to me.
  14. I think this is no different than many other hobbies. Your investment cost is directly related to what you want to get out of it, and how much work you want to put into it.