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  1. Hi and welcome, also new but find the community very welcoming. I wish there was some form of IRC chat or something, form what I can tell there used to be.
  2. I was sorely disappointed when Nintendo release Paper Mario as the sequel. Not sure what was going on with the Square agreement. Even to this day as an adult I will NEVER forget 'PEARLS' after spending hours on that damn puzzle.
  3. Currently meddling with HyperSpin but based on some posts here I am seriously condering BigBox [LaunchBox] or RetroFE.
  4. I swear this is the 3rd thread on this topic I have seen in 4 minutes.
  5. Nice vid, welcome and thank you for sharing! :)
  6. Is there access to the documentation without having a current membership? Just looking for info to read before I can get my membership.
  7. I really wish some of the big ticket FEs made linux ports.
  8. While I have been enjoying the pain setting up HyperSpin I hear awesome things about Big Box Mode, how is it in practice?
  9. Nice, I am really loving the rustic approach to this one.
  10. Wow, I wish I had the ability to build this at home, the Mrs would murder me. Now happily following progress on the other site.
  11. Sorry, to clarify and why I brought up D3D. SnagIt will support screen shot even in full direct X modem. If you set a keybinding, you can than use a shift character with your control encoder to activate. Picture middle of an arcade game, hold Player 1 Start and hit Down takes a screen shot.
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