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  1. Not a fan of the walking dead, but the cab came out great! love the trackball too
  2. walterg74

    My game life

    Please tell me you just run games on that and you didn't destroy the vita ?
  3. walterg74


    I like a simpler control panel, but the rest is just awesome!
  4. Guess that's two projects he abandoned...?
  5. Seems it would even be overkill...
  6. Love the build. I personally like solid colors and artwork on it better, but still nice.
  7. You need to check the video card settings, there are options for scaling to either do it or not, and who does the scaling. You want to have this at no scaling for 1:1 and also the the entity in charge of the scaling is the GPU (if you pick display it will enlarge it anyway, as it will be the monitor doing it)
  8. Any reason why you would want to change them for modern FEs?
  9. is this like an on-screen keyboard, or you have to do combos for letters, which sounds pretty messy...?
  10. Arcade joystick for all arcade games. For retro-emulation, the original controllers through a USB adaptor
  11. Lol.. .guys, you know you are replying to his "hello" that is over a year and half old...?
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