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  1. Not a fan of the walking dead, but the cab came out great! love the trackball too
  2. walterg74

    My game life

    Please tell me you just run games on that and you didn't destroy the vita ?
  3. walterg74


    I like a simpler control panel, but the rest is just awesome!
  4. I can't seem to get a good combo that doesn't look like ass... I know it doesn't help that I have been testing this on a 4K TV, but still there has to be a way to get it done in reduced size
  5. Guess he didn't really wanna know..?
  6. Not sure I understand the purpose of this... (if it was ever even done)
  7. Guess that's two projects he abandoned...?
  8. For me a 2 player, and 8 button dual 4. Not many (any?) game use that many buttons, but with that you have: - a group of 6 buttons 3 over 3 for Street Fighter type games, - a group of 4 in a row for Neo Geo games - Any combo of two, or thre in a row, or 4 two over two for all others. Would also like trackball and spinner, but maybe as a modular design and not sure if any games use thos in 2 player mode. Not that many games I care for for more than 2 players (even though they are great, like TMNT, Simpsons, etc.)
  9. Awesome! Super quality build! I made one myself, but for some reason I don-t remember, made it only 1P... (even though I did have 2 sets of controllers). Might redo the control panel and add the second set. In my case, as it was mostly just for old games, I used a mini ITX P4 PC
  10. Not alone. And let me fuel your nightmares.... Once you build one, the thoughts DON'T end....
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