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  1. Looks great! Can't wait to see how this progresses and what the finished product looks like!
  2. I second that! Truly an amazing site and a huge effort everyone is doing a fantastic job on. Big thanks to all who contribute the game vids and also to the mods who spend hours answering questions and solving problems for us!
  3. I have a hyperspin setup and I love the look, but it's far too complicated to maintain. Going to be switching to BigBox mode from launchbox very soon. It looks amazing and I love that they are continually developing it and updating nearly every week.
  4. Thanks to all the contributors for your hard work! It is greatly appreciated by most of us.
  5. I plan on building a cabinet as well soon! My woodworking and carpentry skills are not great, so I hope I can make it through it and end up with something decent!
  6. Mario was always my favorite. Sonic and zelda are cool as well.
  7. Definitely oregon trail in school on an old apple IIGS computer, circa 1993 or thereabouts. First I played at home would be River raid on atari 2600 and super mario on NES and teenage mutant ninja turtles on NES.
  8. Always been a big fan of the zelda soundtracks. Chrono trigger was good too!
  9. I love retroarch, the perfect all in one solution! Why have 20 different programs installed when you can have 1? I do use dolphin for wii and gamecube games.
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