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  1. Can either of you guys send me a screenshot of the problem you are having? I remember having an issue with the original Simply Austin theme with the artwork getting stretched, but I fixed it in my modified version - same thing with the video and marquees. The first screenshot looked fine, but when you went to scroll down the list of games, it stretched. It doesn't have that problem anymore - it sounds like you just need an updated script to get everything to fit properly.
  2. I'm not sure about the lightning bolt. I have a 3B and it doesn't give me a problem. As far as the artwork getting cut off, I don't know. I have given the same files to one of my friends at work to test them out and he didn't have any issues. The only thing I can think of is that I had to modify some of the files in the theme to make things fit properly on the screen - maybe replace the theme with a fresh copy. My version is designed to run at 1920x1080, so if you have a different resolution than that, maybe that is the reason the box art is cut off a bit.
  3. To install this theme, create a themes folder in /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation, copy the "motionblue" folder over to it and restart emulationstation. I use Filezilla as my FTP program to access the retropie folders. Hit the start button to bring up the main menu and select "UI Settings". Scroll down to "Theme Set" and select "MOTIONBLUE". While still in the "UI Settings", go all the way to the bottom and turn off "On-Screen Help". Exit out of "UI Settings" and return to the Main Menu. Select "Other Settings" and turn on "Use OMX Player (HW Accelerated)". You are now ready to use retropie. Download some System Packs, follow the setup instructions, add some ROMS and you will be ready to play!
  4. Did you get the Sega Genesis Mini Image to work?  If you need help, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

  5. spannernick1, the theme.xml is in the zip file named "Sega_Genesis_Mini_Theme.zip" at the top of this thread - posted December 8th .
  6. spannernick1, the mini-genesis theme these are all designed to work with is at the top of this thread - posted December 8th. There are also detailed instructions with it to help set it up. Don't forget everyone, the system packs, complete with all the hi-res videos are in my folder on the EmuMovies FTP at /Upload Here/_Other/MLSchleps. Become a member of EmuMovies for FTP access! This will probably be the last update I will have for a few months - I am tackling a big one next - the Sega Genesis. Bear with me - I will get it done eventually. 🙂
  7. Here is System Pack #8 - The Sega CD! This is a combination of official US Releases, Europe releases and Japanese releases that have english text in the games and a few unreleased prototypes. Bezel included to match the Mini Genesis format and CRT filters. All of the cue files are included with this pack - just make sure the bin files have the same file name as the cue file - case matters! Enjoy. System Pack #8 - Sega CD (v1.0).rar System Pack #8 - Sega CD Gamelist (v1.0).zip
  8. Here is System Pack #7 - The Sega Master System! This has taken quite a while to complete, but it was worth it. This is a combination of official US Releases, Europe releases, Japanese releases that have english text in the games, and releases from Brazil. Also included prototypes and some homebrew games in the mix. Bezel included to match the Mini Genesis format and CRT filters. Enjoy! System Pack No. 7 - Sega Master System (v1.0).zip System Pack No. 7 - Sega Master System Gamelist (v1.0).zip
  9. It's done!! It's out!! I hope everyone enjoys it!! Go to my retropie thread to download it:
  10. Here is System Pack #6 - SNK Neo Geo! This is THE definitive Neo Geo experience on Retropie! I have spent a lot of time on this and this is what I've been working on the most for the last several months. This pack contains the original boxart for each Neo Geo game and bezels for each game that has the original marquee with the game controls. The CRT filters are also in place to make this a realistic arcade/home experience. Where there was no original boxart or marquee, custom boxart and marquees in the same format of the originals were created to put together a complete set. This pack should please any Neo Geo enthusiast! I hope you enjoy it! System_Pack_No._6_-_SNK_Neo_Geo_(v1.0).zip System Pack No. 6 - SNK Neo Geo Gamelist (v1.0).zip
  11. Here is System Pack #5 - NEC Turbografx 16! All 94 official US Releases are included with updated and cleaned up Artwork and Marquees. Bezel included to match the Mini Genesis format and CRT filters. Enjoy! System_Pack_No._5_-_Turbografx_16_(v1.0).zip System Pack No. 5 - Turbografx 16 Gamelist (v1.0).zip
  12. Here is System Pack #4 - Supergrafx! System Pack No. 4 - NEC Supergrafx (v1.0).zip System Pack No. 4 - NEC Supergrafx Gamelist (v1.0).zip
  13. Here is System Pack #3 - Sega 32X! System_Pack_No._3_-_Sega_32X_(v1.0).zip System Pack No. 3 - Sega 32X Gamelist (v1.0).zip
  14. Here is System Pack #2: Atari Lynx! This was a labor of love. I actually had this system and about 25 games for it. I had both versions, but the second release was my favorite. This System Pack has the second version as a bezel and the bezel actually rotates depending on the game. I think you will really be happy with this pack if you are a Lynx fan! System_Pack_No._2_-_Atari_Lynx_(v1.0).zip System Pack No. 2 - Atari Lynx gamelist (v1.0).zip
  15. Here is System Pack #1: Virtual Boy! System_Pack_No._1_-_Virtual_Boy_(v1.0).zip System Pack No. 1 - Virtual Boy gamelist (v1.0).zip
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