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  1. So I have 64 of the 150 or so done. Hopefully won't be too much longer before I release this pack. Believe it or not, the thing that seems to take the longest is getting the gamelist the way I want it - good descriptions, coordinating the artwork names, getting the proper date to show up... I also have a Turbografx 16 and Sega CD Pack where the artwork is finished, but the gamelist is not. They're just tedious.... Anyway, here are some screenshots for the Simply Austin Mini Genesis Neo Geo Pack work-in-progress (taken with my Note 8):
  2. Just an update that I am making progress. I have over 1/3 of the boxes and marquees done for all the Neo Geo games. It's taking a long time because I am also creating and/or cleaning up existing boxes and marquees as I go along. I'm also making the "Now Featuring" bigger and bolder and the final result looks great!
  3. A few days ago, someone had asked about the Neo Geo mini marquees. I'm putting together a Neo Geo set for the Simply Austin Mini-Genesis Retropie image and here is an example of what the Magician Lord and Sengoku files would look like. I'm hoping to get some feedback to see if the bezels are good or if anyone has any suggestions to make them better. Let me know what you think!
  4. MLSchleps

    Looking for SNK AES cart 2D

    I am currently working on a set for my Retropie Mini Genesis. I have about half of them done and should hopefully be finished them in the next few weeks.
  5. So today, I uploaded another system pack to my folder on the EmuMovies FTP at /Upload Here/_Other/MLSchleps. It is "System Pack #4 - NEC Supergrafx". There's only 5 games for it, so it was a somewhat quick one to do. You have to copy over es_systems.cfg to /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation in order for it to be recognized - that file is located in the Themes folder on the FTP. I'm still working on the SegaCD pack - all the artwork is done, I'm just working on completing the database.
  6. Here's a list of some of the changes I have made to Simply Austin's theme and art: 1. I had to use the OMX player for the videos because in the "jessie" version, the videos would get green artifacts through many of the videos and there was no option that I could find to use the OMX player. The videos look great now, but the OMX player overwrote the box art and description, so I had to shrink the videos so nothing was covered. I also widened the border so the videos look centered. 2. I deleted some of the red bars by the Sega logo at the top left of the screen so the marquees look centered now. 3. I changed some of the system logos because I didn't like the blue border around them - just personal preference. 4. All the box art and marquees have been resized and centered. I made all the boxes 370x540 and the marquees 400x110, so now all of the marquees are centered and the boxes stay in the same location and don't jump all over the place. 5. I've added bezels for the games and filters so they have a nicer presentation while playing them. I hope you like the additions and tweaks I have made to this wonderful theme Simply Austin created. There will be many more System Packs released over time. I am currently working on finishing up the Sega CD pack, which should hopefully be ready next week. Let me know what packs you want me to work on next! Here's some awful pictures I took of the TV last night:
  7. So, on the EmuMovies FTP, I have created a folder at /Upload Here/_Other/MLSchleps. In here are two folders - one for the modified theme and another with System Packs. 1. To get started, download the "motionblue" theme from the FTP. 2. Install it on the retropie. To do this, create a themes folder in /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation, copy the "motionblue" folder over to it and restart emulationstation. 3. Hit the start button to bring up the main menu and select "UI Settings". Scroll down to "Theme Set" and select "MOTIONBLUE". 4. While still in the "UI Settings", go all the way to the bottom and turn off "On-Screen Help". 5. Exit out of "UI Settings" and return to the Main Menu. Select "Other Settings" and turn on "Use OMX Player (HW Accelerated)". You are now ready to use retropie. Download some System Packs, follow the setup instructions, add some ROMS and you will be ready to play! I will be making updates to the Motionblue theme as I add System Packs.
  8. The original image was created by Simply Austin and was made in the older "jessie" version of Retropie. I am in the process of converting it over to the new "stretch" version of Retropie (version 4.4). I've had to modify a few things to the theme in order for it to work and I'm putting together new box art, marquees and videos where needed and coordinated the names of the files so everything works perfectly. I've also completed the dates, ratings and descriptions for all the games in the databases. In addition, I have added bezels for the systems and set up filters to make them look like they are being played on a CRT Television or LCD for handhelds. I started off with the systems that have fewer games, like the Sega 32X, Nintendo Virtual Boy and Atari Lynx - these are complete and I am happy with the results. I will upload these System Packs and the Theme to the FTP with instructions on how to set up your Retropie and where to put the files. Simply Austin did an amazing job with the original and I am just reusing his brilliant work and tweaking it to work in the new version of Retropie. Regardless of whether or not you use my modified version of the theme, my system packs are 100% compatible with the original Sega Genesis Mini image he created. I will update this topic whenever I upload something to the FTP and add instructions on how to set them up.
  9. Today's game is After Burner II: aburner2.zip
  10. And Black Tiger: blktiger.zip
  11. Double-Shot Friday! First up is Cadash: cadashu.zip
  12. Today we have Carnival: carnival.zip
  13. And Stargate: stargate.zip
  14. How about a pair of Williams games today? First up, Moon Patrol: mpatrolw.zip
  15. Finally, we have Badlands. This was another one that took a while because of the marquee: badlands.zip