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  1. This is awesome. I had some old databases that i messed up and needed to merge. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your contribution. It will be very helpful.
  3. This will come in handy thanks!
  4. I needed something like this for so long. Thank you!
  5. Thank you! This is awesome. I didn’t know there were a collection of these
  6. Thanks! This looks like it will come in great handy for the collection
  7. Would this be similar uncrionality to padmapper?
  8. This does seem like it would be more involved but has anyone found any solution? I’ve seen ability to add it on the mods for old consoles. Would be awesome on be computer.
  9. Sometimes when i run into this i check the config text file or my gfx settings. It usually lets you create per game profiles
  10. This would be wonderful. Has anyone found a good solution?
  11. It can definitely go on and on with more being added. But you’re in it for the experience and for the ride right?
  12. I need to get a set of these for mine. It’s still in the planning stages but there are lots of great ideas here. Thanks!
  13. A preset that’s community based would be excellent for this!
  14. This looks awesome! So much power in a tiny package
  15. Rest easy buddy. You are not alone. We are legion!
  16. Has anyone found a cheaper model with similar specs?
  17. What a beautiful setup. I need to make one for these for the den! Thanks!
  18. I appreciate the points in the right directions. I’ve seen some members say they have plays they can post but never see them posted. These help though. Thanks!
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