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  1. Lol, might as well buy it off this guy for a dollar than
  2. Ted777

    LaunchBox and RetroFE theme?

    Certainly! Do I get the Aeon Nox theme from this site as well? Or is that included in the pre built package?
  3. Ted777

    Retroarch - Genesis Overlay & Border

    Thanks for the instructions, got to add this to my to do list for sure!
  4. Ted777

    LaunchBox and RetroFE theme?

    Awesome, something I need to look into for sure. Thanks again for your help!
  5. Ted777

    MS-DOS Where are you?

    I'm also a big MSDOS and Commodore fan, would love to see those on the site for ease of use. May need to look at the FTP stuff though if that doesn't happen, thanks for the heads up!
  6. Man, I was going through the forums getting all excited about building an arcade cabinet soon. Then I saw this and potentially saw my near future LOL
  7. Ted777

    LaunchBox and RetroFE theme?

    Out of curiosity, if I choose to use both LaunchBox and RetroFE (thinking to use LaunchBox on the HTPC and RetroFE for my future arcade cabinet), can I easily transfer all the data, images, videos that I organise in LaunchBox into to RetroFE and vice versa? Or will I be spending double effort trying to maintain both FE's.
  8. Ted777

    Hi from SDMODS!

  9. Thanks for this vid, didn't even know this was possible, will try it out for sure!
  10. I'm planning to have my stuff run over network as well, is your stuff zipped over the network, will there be a big performance hit on that?
  11. Ted777

    LaunchBox and RetroFE theme?

    Thanks so much, I'll take a look at it sometime this week. Hoping to sign up for membership here soon, just reading around a bit more before I make another financial commitment. Stay tuned, I will be trying it out for sure! Never enough time and money for these hobbies lol Again, thanks for the replies, hope to see more strides with RetroFE, from what I've seen so far, it is a top contender for sure!
  12. Ted777

    So I am very ill - Is it contagious?

    Let the addiction live on
  13. Thanks so much for the link, been looking for some standards like that!
  14. Ted777

    DIY Star Wars Cockpit Cabinet

    Oh wow, this is amazing, can't wait to see more of this!
  15. Ted777

    LaunchBox and RetroFE theme?

    This is awesome, I will be picking up a copy of RetroFE soon for sure to start playing with it. I'm still trying to learn how FE's work so bare with me. Hopefully my ignorance can help you with perspectives of a newcomer. Do you have some resources to get me started, especially with that theme we were talking about lol