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  1. gotta love Microsoft forefront protection in the cloud if they use the same spam engine as office 365. I did not enjoy tweaking this SPAM engine for the year I supported it.
  2. I keep getting more and more surprises on this site, after the retro arcade I will need to dig deeper into Pinball for sure.
  3. I remember getting a few games before the console was released, these bring back child hood memories. Thank you very much...
  4. love the new punch out video, thanks for the addition
  5. Awesome addition one stop shop for retro arcade vids and now HTPC / Theater stuff
  6. lots of time and energy goes into providing this awesome content. Coming from the Cyber security industry, I am glad to see you have monitoring and controls put into action.
  7. That is is a bunch of content, hats off to you for the contribution.
  8. Awesome update for the 64 roms, one of my all time favorite consoles.
  9. What is the best site to purchase or acquire cabinet plans from?
  10. Another vote for 7 button layout with RGB LED, 5 years so far 0 issues.
  11. I have seen LCD used before, some of the emulators allow you to tweak video settings to mimic a CRT screen
  12. Er, I'm not sure which MUGEN you're talking about. Most of my searches are leading to a game engine used to make fighting games, which you wouldn't need an emulator for to run...
  13. For the actual PC build, I wouldn't buy brand new parts. You can easily get a core 2 duo machine off ebay for less than $100 bucks, and it'll run most arcade games no problem.
  14. I can't believe how well BoTW is running on CemU. And to think the Wii U was just released around 4 years ago...
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