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  4. View File Space Quest 3 - The Pirates of Pestulon Video snap from the opening area of Space Quest 3. MT-32 opening movie music laid over the top. Submitter KoritsuKyu Submitted 08/03/2021 Category Video Snap Submissions Resolution 1436x`1080 Naming Frame Rate
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Video snap from the opening area of Space Quest 3. MT-32 opening movie music laid over the top.
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  7. they have a discord link here https://discord.gg/8HzcqU39 (temp link is only 7 days if you need me to renew just give me a shout out)
  8. Version 1.0.0


    58 Video Snaps for Nintendo 3DS... Enjoy!!
  9. View File Nintendo 3DS (Video Snaps) 58 Video Snaps for Nintendo 3DS... Enjoy!! Submitter Nimbios72 Submitted 07/29/2021 Category Video Snap Submissions Resolution 884x1060 Naming Frame Rate 30 FPS  
  10. Hello world!

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  12. Thanks for doing this, but did you accidently upload the flipped one? I downloaded and it's still flipped.
  13. Actually its not, its just that many are not used to the interface. Point to emulator, select exe or command line, Point to assets, point to games create list. ( associate with arcade) Its just that you don't see it. But I'm looking forward to the new build. I hope they can make a better interface though.
  14. the accent lighting on the bottom, does it alternate colors when chosing different games?
  15. Just used Launchbox and downloaded the clear logos from there. However, I noticed some games like Aerobiz, Alien 3, Battletoads, and Arcana are using the Japanese logos. I tried using Emusync and it did the same thing.
  16. It's just gameplay, but I insert the game logo at the beginning of most of the snaps. Unfortunately, the download link stopped working after I made an update. I'm waiting to hear back from support.
  17. Does these videos have the start screen or it's just the gameplay?
  18. Here's a preview of my next 2D boxart pack that I am working on - US Playstation. I created a new template and I think they are coming along nicely, but it is very time consuming and it may be a few months before it is ready - there's over 1200 covers! I have around 40 finished right now, but I'll get there. Let me know what you think!
  19. Hey, I created that for Hyperspin ages ago!
  20. Hey man, I am running a very nice arcade machine with Launchbox and one of my favorite games doesn't have a video theme, Primal Rage.  I am trying to find it on this site but not having the easiest time navigating...Can you post a primal rage arcade video theme, like the one used in hyperspin?  Thanks man.


  21. Version 1.0.0


    Epoch Game Pocket Computer 3D Carts Pack.
  22. View File Epoch Game Pocket Computer 3D Carts Pack Epoch Game Pocket Computer 3D Carts Pack. Submitter ci2own Submitted 07/16/2021 Category Cartridge Submissions Resolution Naming No-Intro  
  23. Hi, I checked the FTP server but can't see a video snap for House of the Dead 3 or Time Crisis 4, anyone know where I can get them from.
  24. Nope, Launchbox and EMU still work together albeit, painfully slow. So I paid for the EMUmovies sync capability and now have a bunch of folders I have no idea of how to use them so as to not have to wait on Launchbox and EMU. Emumovie sync is fast with no place to go.
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