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  1. Circo is overprint for CD itself will be available ? (gfx for printable cds)
  2. I really like your bezels, looking forward for your next arcade pack
  3. phulshof: any hints or tutorial how to convert Inified Bezel to mame standard one ?
  4. in the past ot was free, cant find it now, are the devs still support free ver or just only steam one ?
  5. Best Games ever for me from arcades: (Beatem up) Final Fight, Shooters Horizontal R-Type, Shooters vertical 1943, Platformer BlackTiger Racing Outrun
  6. No problem here, check aspect ratio on your gfx card
  7. Streets Of Rage 2 and Mortal Kombat (movie)
  8. My first choose was Hyperspin and now thinking of change for PI3 Hardware and retroarch
  9. KI was awesome, well its awesome till today.
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