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  1. My future bartop is on the way to, got 28' crt tv, control panel, computer on 15khz mode, but have no time to working on this project. Small steps But main pc i used t play vertical games, because playing vert games on horizontal tv setup i bleeeh ;p and decent bezels are really great idea or im looking for better solution maybe you know any ?? Im using groovymame and i prefer native resolution. Can you share who else making bezels ?? Im using Yours compilation, some from OrionAngels and still have hope that John M will be back
  2. No problem i a wait. Its glad to hear thats the project isn't dead.
  3. Hello There are many titles updated by Krakeman in lastest months, ireally would like to test in mame for example: Jail Break, Punch-Out! , Exerion, iron horse and many others I dont have knowledge to convert them to mame, thats why im asking...
  4. Hello Are You planing to update bezels mame pack to lastest version, its quite old for now ?
  5. Haw You got any plans for update bezels pack for mame ?
  6. BlackTiger78

    Any video game soundtrack suggestions?

    Final Fantasy VII has amazing soundrack
  7. BlackTiger78

    Virtual Arcade Front Ends

    3D-Arcade is quite an old solution for virtual Arcade, NewRetroArcade is much better atmosphere and that 80s-90s look I You want to build your dream basement NRA is a right choose.
  8. BlackTiger78

    Neo Geo CD Boxes Pack

    Circo is overprint for CD itself will be available ? (gfx for printable cds)
  9. BlackTiger78

    Realistic Donkey Kong Arcade Bezels

    I really like your bezels, looking forward for your next arcade pack
  10. BlackTiger78

    My Bartops Creations

    very nice project indeed, and nice clean t-modling placement. Congrats.
  11. BlackTiger78

    EIZO FlexScan EV2730Q

    is anyone here using any scanline generators ? besides arcade how it works with Amiga computers
  12. BlackTiger78

    So I am very ill - Is it contagious?

    We all have it, we all sick, we are damned
  13. Thanks for info, I'll consider to download yoyr pack from FTP when i'll have access for it. Your pack is compatible with plain mame right ?
  14. Ok so, width and height i have form gfx file but i dont understand what exacly viewport information is.... is the same pattern can be used for amazing Metalzoic bezzels ?