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  1. First of all: What's your budget? If it's low you should take a look on the G4560, the brand new budget champion. With that you will be able to emulate pretty much everything, but if you want to run newer arcades like naomi2 you should invest in a good GPU and better CPU as well (or maybe not, that new pentium is a little beast)
  2. New Users - Introduce Yourselves

    Welcome compatriot :) About your cabinet, I encourage you to post pics when finished (or before) in the relevant section.
  3. Wii U Video Snaps

    You're welcome! I am glad I was able to help and let me know if it works for you. Take it easy with your duties
  4. Wii U Video Snaps

    Regarding the sotware I think avidemux could be a good choice. It's free (http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/download.html) and easy for our intended use. I have just made a clip of ZombiU without problems. So in the coming days I will try to do from W to Z, ok? Screenshot with settings and steps, and resulting video: ZombiU (USA).mp4
  5. Video Discussion: Commodore Amiga Setup

    Thanks, I will be soon adding classic computer systems to my collection and this video will be helpful, specially for managing winUAE.
  6. Wii U Video Snaps

    I don't know if he had been re-encoding the videos, but I can tell you that videos I downloaded from youtube (easly done with jdownloader) were .mp4. Apart from that I guess some trimming will be mandatory, because gameplays are usually longer than needed for our purposes here.
  7. I was not aware of that. Time to upgrade and maybe to collaborate in the near future.
  8. I suppose you mean what retroarch calls "overlays"... Quoting from another post:
  9. New Member saying Hello

    Welcome to the retro jungle!
  10. It's gonna happen. It's only a matter of time :P
  11. With some of the proposed features LB will definetely be the perfect frontend... or well... "almost" Why do we always want more?
  12. Wii U Video Snaps

    Thank you very much for your work! With cemu getting better and better this threat will receive more attention.
  13. Sorry if this question has been answered before, I have not seen it...
  14. Upscaling to 1080p

    Every time you play with stretched image… God kills a kitten Seriously, upscaling does not necessarily imply stretching. Upscaling while maintaining the aspect ratio is the way to go!