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  • Game Gear Video Snaps Pack (SQ) By DamnedRegistrations

    EmuMovies Official Video Snap Collection for the Sega Game Gear Standard Quality - Site, FTP, Sync  High Quality - FTP, Sync   High Quality Sample   Standard Quality Sample   If you would like to help make this collection better, please submit missing or replacement media in our Submissions Area Upgraded members can also download this collection via our FTP File Server and our EmuMovies Sync application
  • My Realistic Arcade Bezel Collection (Part 2) By Orionsangel

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    This is Part 2 of my Arcade Bezel Collection. These Arcade Bezels were tested on Windows 10 with MameUI at 1920x1080. Thanks to the many team members who have contributed to MAME Artwork - http://mrdo.mameworld.info                                                                                
  • Bally Astrocade 2D Boxes Pack (MLSchleps) By MLSchleps

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    This is my Bally/Astrocade Box Art pack.  This pack contains all the original releases, matching the original box art, cleaned up and made to look like new.  It also contains boxes for unreleased prototypes.  Enjoy!
  • EmuMovies Sync By tspeirs

    What is this new download service? The EmuMovies Download Service Utility completely automates the installation and use of all of our artwork packs and media in the front end of your choice. This means that instead of spending months of downloading, sorting and renaming it will now only take minutes per system (plus download time). The download service utility only downloads the content to match your roms and renames the content automatically to whatever romset you have so it just works! Feature List Support for over 100 different systems Notifies you upon startup if any sets you have previously downloaded have been updated Allows you to only view those sets so you can easily update your artwork and video packs Downloads artwork to match your roms (only what you need to save space) Automatic renaming (requires no user input, artwork and videos will match your roms) Ability to individually download sets or all at once Tied into the EmuMovies member system (access is immediate) Limited mode for basic Members (All artwork packs supported, 250MB/day limit) Video Snap downloads for Supporting Members On the fly conversion to AVI for front ends that only support AVI format. Plus more!   Notes: Your login is your site login for EmuMovies.com (not your ftp login)   Compatability: Minimum OS Requirement Win XP SP3 (Vista or Later Recommended)