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  1. Scans your roms and downloads automatically and renames appropriately. The files are stored locally on your machine.
  2. That is not exactly how it works. Pac-Man-01 is what launchbox names it when it downloads, that name is never actually passed between the systems. LB will first send over the name of your rom file and choose the first best match, if that doesn't match then it sends over it's database name. Either way that is never Pac-Man-01. So what I need is if you can check the exact name of your pac-man rom file I can create an exception in our database so that the next time that name is scraped it grabs the right file(s).
  3. Thanks for the request @wiggles. I made the video and it's on the FTP and will be live on Sync shortly. Fun simple and yet not easy game.
  4. Version 1.1 Added 41 images and new XML @Aorin Notes: Details:
  5. Upload it here: https://emumovies.com/files/category/471-game-manual-submissions/
  6. What is your rom name as it looks right on our end
  7. I made one for the game and added to the FTP and Sync
  8. Hi the game pack for the Atari videos i uploaded can be found at https://atari800.tistory.com/category/Download if anyone needs them too

    i have started to back fill the c64 on the ftp too will take me ages but i will plod on


  9. You would correct that in the emulator not the recording software.
  10. We just got a ton submitted, they are not official standards but they should be suitable until such time we can attack it directly.
  11. In launchbox these should automatically be scraping from the mame set
  12. All requested videos have been redone and replaced on the FTP & Sync
  13. All requested videos have been redone and replaced on FTP & Sync
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