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  1. Circo

    Game Console Boxes

    Always interested Styphelus
  2. Account upgraded to Content Contributor status

  3. I don't see why not, no idea what your use case is but besides size that is totally dependent of your front end. As far as size goes, and mind you this is everything and you probably wont need everything. As of today we have made video snaps for 56,203 games HQ Size - 268GB in total SQ Size - 66.5GB in total
  4. Just fixed it, been fighting broken links all week since we restored from backup. Just figured out the root cause in fact. Fixing all of it 🙂
  5. Circo

    Doing my head in change password

    Try clearing your cache in your browser
  6. Version 2.1 Added / Replaced 76 Video Snap Captures @Audi85 Edits & Encoding @Circo Details
  7. I don't remember deleting any of your submissions, but that folder is open season. The submissions area isn't protected like the rest. Send me a heads up next time you submit something.
  8. For those that have been around here for awhile you may have noticed that I have tried about 5 different chat applications over the last few years. None of them were all that great though and promptly killed after a bit of testing. So now we are trying something that seems to be properly convenient. Yesterday I started an EmuMovies Discord group and invite you guys to join us. Right now it's fairly simplistic and I am open to ideas click the link below to join.
  9. Fixed and I fixed the reporting system too. The link is now at the bottom, an upgrade I had installed killed it. I am speaking to the dev, but for now it works
  10. Circo

    GBA Unified Platform Video (16x9) (HD)

    Your attachment didn’t take. Your on the main file screen right? Not the screen after you hit the download?
  11. Circo

    GBA Unified Platform Video (16x9) (HD)

    Can you do me a favor, can you check if that Report link is visible to you?
  12. Circo

    GBA Unified Platform Video (16x9) (HD)

    Fixed and it's here
  13. Version 1.8 Replaced 2 Videos Captures @Audi85 Edits & Encoding @Circo