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  1. Nothing is changed or broken, you should submit a support ticket along with your missing list and we can check out what the issue is. And if I were to guess off the top of my head whats broken here I would guess you only have HD videos selected and not HQ as well. We have made some HD vids but its far from complete. If you select both it will grab best available. https://emumovies.com/support/
  2. We have more artwork categories than what launchbox uses. I don't currently have launchbox installed but you kinda just want to set up your system then scrape the categories you need and copy over. Launchbox will also do it for you internally it just takes a bit longer. Hopefully someone with a little more expertise can chime in here. Last time I set up launchbox on a cab I did it this way but its been two years. I used standalone MAME though as the RA implementation has only ever given me headaches.
  3. Do not make your launchbox directory the download folder. They will not match up. If you are using em sync vs the built in integration in launchbox after the downloads complete you need to copy or move the downloaded content into the correct launchbox media folders in LB.
  4. I just realized I need to record the lcd games in window or I'm never going to get the aspect ratios correct
  5. For these im doing three game segments, I also have a few hundred unreleased redos I made over the last year that I will be able to include in this update. It will be beefy.
  6. @joe35car working on it now Maybe it's just me but these newer MAME games are soul crushingly awful lol
  7. I got through a few the last couple of days. Another issue came up with some of the website changes that were made over the last few weeks that I am addressing then gonna hit it hard.
  8. @joe35car Finally fully on it, I neet to update some assets and hit it some more tomorrow. 15 complete.
  9. Progress #-9 f2pbball (handheld) sudo6in1 senario25 (plug n play) silv35 mc_89in1 A animechmp alnattck (handheld) alnchase (handheld) astrocmd (handheld) jsc_spid B bbh bbhcotw bikkuri brkball - Says I'm missing a file, will swing back mag_burn buttobi (ticket game) bbtime (handheld) gnw_bsweep C calcune cane carnking cartfury v4cmaze v4cmaze2 v4cmaze3 bcclimbr (handheld) gckong (handheld) gnw_cgra
  10. Not really, launchbox renames the files it downloads, but it will also read media downloaded by our sync tool just fine (rom name). So if you download from sync and copy directly over to the launchbox media folders it will work fine. This is what I normally do as it's faster.
  11. I thought Arcade Edition had baked in videos. @tspeirs would know but you may catch him faster on the gamex forums.
  12. Fantastic work as always @Orionsangel adding to featured
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