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  1. I thought Arcade Edition had baked in videos. @tspeirs would know but you may catch him faster on the gamex forums.
  2. Fantastic work as always @Orionsangel adding to featured
  3. Thank you for this, yes its a case of continually moving goals but when we make adjustments we just add the changes so old sets still work. We should be back to another round of audits next week and I'll submit this list to the elves.
  4. After you submit, hit me up over DM, review the vid submission guidelines. FTP is usually better for this vs website submission system though in the end either is fine.
  5. It's a known issue that the Launchbox integration has some issues with certain special characters. Try resetting your password to letters/numbers only
  6. Upgrading my MAME set now, will start work tonight
  7. If you are using the sync app you copy the video files to whatever folder your front end reads them from
  8. Congratulations DAD! Twice! Hit me up, your great to work with.
  9. I'm in the mood to work off another list 🙂
  10. It's fixed now, had one setting wrong then went to sleep. Sorry for the issue 🤕
  11. Yep a change last night made the auth script stop working, working on resolving that now
  12. With the downloads section Off Line for a few days (It's going to be so worth it btw) I realized that the sync tool was not available for download. Here you go! SetupEmuMoviesSync.zip
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