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  1. Koolbrez67

    Atari Lynx 3D Boxes Pack

    View File Atari Lynx 3D Boxes Pack EmuMovies Official 3D Box Images for the Atari Lynx Availability - Site, FTP, Sync Submitter Circo Submitted 11/14/2017 Category Artwork Resolution 400x424 Naming Convention No-Intro, HyperBase File Count 75  
  2. View File Neo Geo Pocket Color 3D Boxes 3D box art for the SNK Neo Geo Color Submitter Koolbrez67 Submitted 04/06/2017 Category Artwork Resolution 498x532 Naming Convention No-Intro / HyperBase File Count 40  
  3. Koolbrez67


    View File AutoKustom This is only a beta of what will be the final version ... It is written in Visual Basic 2010, using WPF In the section on "Wheel" is 99.9% complete and functional, just missing the Language selector In the second section called "3D" is in development, can be used but not have the option to save, at least in this beta, if we take a percentage, this is is 60% complete ... That has not been completed yet? I tell you, visual basic, is a basic programming, by this point, I have many limitations to the programming, besides not having some errors more complex tasks, without forgetting that a 3D object is not quite right, without using "shaders" and other effects, such as "bump map" cuvemaps, among others, Also carry out the designs in 3D boxes and cartridges, etc ... is no easy task less when first learning to use 3D design software ... Status: I will be a time away from my project, but everything is for the sake of it ... I am currently learning 3dsMax and SketchUp (3D design to manufacture), and bought the book: "The Bible of C#" which I'm reading. Learning is something that is needed much time, patience and effort, not to mention the perseverance ... And when I feel thoroughly familiar with this language, try to learn about XNA in order to effects using Shader ... and to represent 3D designs with more definition, and transfer all Visual Basic code to C # ... If you find a solution to this, which is faster, I assure you I will tell ... by now I can only learn .... A distance hug to my good friend Koolbrez67, thanks to the work of graph and its motivation, has completed the first chapter of this program ... Submitter Koolbrez67 Submitted 12/28/2010 Category Apps & Utilities Credits Stoker Skar , Koolbrez67  
  4. Koolbrez67

    Nintendo 64 3D Boxes

    View File Nintendo 64 3D Boxes Nintendo 64 3D Box Pack Submitter Koolbrez67 Submitted 06/11/2016 Category Artwork Resolution 480x383 Credits koolbrez67 Naming Convention No-Intro File Count 303  
  5. Koolbrez67

    Koolbrez's KoolKade

    Ya I measured it so many times before getting my 28 inch lcd screen. I'm glad it gets played so much I cleaned the Cp every 3 days because of finger prints and oil build up. It's crazy how much play it gets on weekends the kids won't leave it a lone.
  6. Koolbrez67

    Koolbrez's KoolKade

    I have no plans at this time for side art. I am going to get some 4 inch speakers as I was giving a sweet amp .
  7. Koolbrez67

    Download Service Beta Testing

    Sweet , Thank you again Mr. Speirs . It is a very solid Down loader and I am happy to have this option it's a nice time saver.
  8. Koolbrez67

    Download Service Beta Testing

    I love the new downloader. O.2 I had no issues and put it through 29 hrs of downloading. I would like to see a feature added. If your downloading and it stopped for some reason or crashed you could restart the download from the last file so you wouldn't have to re download the whole thing. I haven't had any issues but it would have sucked if in the last 5 or 6 hours of downloading it crashed and had to start over again. Great work very solid with wndows Xp .
  9. Koolbrez67

    Hello all

    Welcome to the club.
  10. Welcome aboard Mr. Speirs Nice work on the Downloader haven't found any issues yet it's very solid so far.
  11. Koolbrez67

    New Mortal Kombat movie

    Dude that looks sick I hope this comes out. It would do the series justice after the last bunch of crappy mortal kombat movies.
  12. Koolbrez67

    (OT) My absence

    Stay strong bro things will get better.
  13. Koolbrez67

    putting games on hyperspin

    This is a Hyperspin Question you should take it to the forums over there. This should help you get started they have a great documentation area.HS Doc's Page
  14. Koolbrez67

    First ever Movie Night

    I will show up to see how everything is going.