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  1. View File Nintendo Entertainment System 3D Box Pack Hey guys! For this set I reviewed all the current content in HS plus some other sites, as I wanted to be as faithful as possible to the original NES boxes, specially with the spines. The main stuff I am utilizing is from @slagram69 and from @Wally Wonka (Thank you guys for your amazing work!). I applied a custom 3d box template for this pack (similar to the Famicom one I did) for the Wally Wonka 2D covers set (and I removed the NES spine logos they all had), and another different template for slagram69's boxes, as those were already 3d, but I modified them to my own taste. In this pack you will find all the games that I have in my set, so expect licensed, unlicensed and protos. Cheers! Submitter Kondorito Submitted 07/28/2018 Category Box Sets & Fills Resolution 409x632 Naming Convention Total Files in Collection 0 File Count 947  
  2. View File Nintendo 64 'REAL' 3D Box Pack I wanted to make this set since a long time (not only because I loved how we ended up doing the SNES real 3d box pack with SupraKarma, but because currently there is no standing 3d box pack with real spines for the Nintendo 64). This set contains all the USA releases, plus the Europe region locked ones. The majority of the scans and spines were grabbed from Nintandbox.net (awesome site for printing real Nintendo game boxes), the rest were grabbed from ebay sales and other Google sites. When no proper images were found for spines, I had to make them from scratch. Because of the type of sources, the size of the boxes ended up enormous :) Huge thanks to @SupraKarma, @adamg and @wallmachine for the Nintandbox source scrapping; it was a tedious job, so I really appreciate your help on that. To everybody downloading this pack; bear in mind it is a "real" set; this means that the front and side covers are not pristine, pure B&W with perfect coloring. This set was made with real box scans; some are in better conditions than others. The idea of this is to have a set that could somehow tell a story, that you could relate to, and feel the boxes coming to life. I know it is not for everybody, but since I made it for me, I thought why not share it :) Enjoy! Submitter Kondorito Submitted 06/08/2018 Category Artwork Resolution 1800x1500 Naming Convention File Count 303  
  3. Kondorito

    Nintendo NES Video Snaps Pack (SQ)

    Great release Circo! By any chance, do you have the "Gluk Video" NES games in queue for sometime in the future?
  4. Kondorito

    NEC PC Engine 3D Box Pack

    View File NEC PC Engine 3D Box Pack Availability - Site, FTP, Sync Hey guys! This is the complete (I think) set of NEC PC Engine cases in 3D. Thank you @SupraKarma for your awesome japan jewel cases templates (black and white). I did some minor modifications over them, but the template base is all you my friend! The 2D covers are originally from Tatsuya (from the Libretro forums), but I corrected some stuff in them and changed some color properties. The set consists in black and white jewel cases (as the PC Engine games did not come in boxes like Turbografx-16). The PC Engine games were produced in black jewel cases until the end of '91, and then started releasing in white cases. I reviewed the release date of each of the +300 games so the cases are accurate to it. I must say that I was not able to find proper spine scans for each game, and I did not want to search for them one by one, so what I did is a similar process like I did for the Famicom 3D box set; I created a default spine, and the color of it is customized per game. Enjoy! Submitter Kondorito Submitted 06/01/2018 Category Artwork Resolution 648x634 Naming Convention No-Intro File Count 319  
  5. Kondorito

    cleaner 3D boxes project

    There is another GBC set in HS made by Wally Wonka:
  6. Here you go: Overlays require at least one image (.png) and a configuration file (.cfg) in order to activate them. The configuration file should have the exact same name as the image file. DO NOT use spaces in the filenames (for this pack you will need to remove the spaces from the file names). These files (the png and its corresponding cfg) should be placed together in the libretro overlay folder. In order to activate an overlay, go to the RetroArch Settings menu. Find the Onscreen Display submenu. From this menu you can activate the Overlay system and select which overlay file to display. If you do not know what the content of the cfg file should be, you can copy one of the already existent ones, open it with a text editor, and change its values so they reflect the same info as your png name. Hope the above helps.
  7. Kondorito

    cleaner 3D boxes project

    In regards of the psds, its wild west hehe. We made a 2 step action with Supra: first bulked action was to trim the 2d covers, side and bottom spines, and move them as different layers to a fixed place in each games psd. Second action was to grab all those psds and made the boxes in png. There were games that had no scans so we had to either grab high res photos from ebay, or make them from scratch (I still remember making Fifa 98 PAL from zero). It was a long project, but Supra is awesome and a hard worker, so we finished the set after some weeks of work.
  8. Kondorito

    cleaner 3D boxes project

    I believe we have the psds formatted with the covers and spines that we bulk actioned. I dont have them here though (currently out of town).
  9. Kondorito

    cleaner 3D boxes project

    Hey @fukc With @SupraKarma we made a complete SNES "real" 3d box pack over at the HS forums. Each game with its corresponding spine, and all made from original scans. Example: There is another cleaner version set over there, but it has a default spine for every game. Nevertheless, these are two sets that you might want to check out for your project. Take care!
  10. View File Unified Theme Overlays Pack (+200 in 3 versions) Following the Unified theme project (both in HS and LB), and so you can seamlessly transition from the theme to the emulator, this pack consists of each of the +200 system backgrounds, made as overlays in 1080p, 3 variations each: 4:3 with integer scale 4:3 with integer scale and a drop shadow 4:3 full screen Submitter Kondorito Submitted 05/07/2018 Category Bezels & Overlays Resolution 1920x1080 Naming Convention File Count 633