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Good to know, just was reading about the discount thread above, and than saw this thread which peaked my interest.  I will keep an eye out for sure!

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@Coleman, from what I read, it looks like when you sign up to some of the FE's like LaunchBox, you may get a discount code to use with Emumovies.  Sure helps a lot since you'll need Emumovies to use the full potential of those FE's!

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I just tried and it accepted the discount code. This was upgrading from monthly to lifetime. I haven't pushed it through just yet but will very soon, for sure before my monthly renews. And yes, I got the discount code from the welcome email from LaunchBox. Any paid version should work for the discount.

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5 hours ago, CSIG1001 said:

is there a discount for launchbox? If so do you have to post 50 times?

I'm not aware of any discount for LaunchBox. You get the discount for EmuMovies when you purchase LaunchBox. I don't think it works the other way around but I could be wrong.

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