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  1. I have a setup on my Windows 10 laptop, with HS, Rocketlauncher, and all the other goodies (Thanks to Simply Austin's tutorials ;) ). Have never had a problem with anything except with Vsync issues, screen tearing and such, but that is not Windows 10 related. I also use my XBOX ONE controller to play all the games for all my emulators and have been able to use the XBOX button to record gameplay, take screenshots etc. I have never tried but i think it is possible to also stream games with the xbox app on windows 10 pC. And yeah also the Win 10 creators update is out, so i'm getting more features there.....

    I have never had any issues visitnig this site. Is it possible that it is something browser specific?
  3. Nintendo Wii Video Snaps

    There really should be a good set of wii videos, i know it's a big job since the wii collection is massive but it's getting into retro teritory so there should be no reason to have that.
  4. Help - Newbie

    I used a little app called RomsetCleaner, i think you can find it here or on Hyperspin forums. It renamed all my roms to match the databases xml files so it automatically was properly named for the emumovies media as well.
  5. I found out that the best way to go is to use Rocketlauncher and configure bezels, shaders and everything in there. Also SimplyAsutin's videos are the best source of tutorials to configure all of this perfectly.
  6. I think you shoudl be able to do that, in Hyperspin HQ you have the option to point to Media folders manually. You have the same option in Rocketlauncher but i suppose the folder structure inside the Media folder is not the same in those two launchers. I did not fiddle around with the settings cfg files but i'm sure there is a way to configure all the frontend/launchers to use one Media folders.
  7. MAME ROM/XML Manager

    There are many good tools over on the HS forums for that
  8. Tron Legacy Style MAME Skin for Hyperspin?

    Looking very good, are there any updates on it ?
  9. cartridge artwork

    Mostly templates are used ant thenin most cases the guys just slap the boxart onto the cartridge template
  10. What has happened to HyperSpin

    Never had any problems on HS forums...
  11. Best emulator for each system?

    Retroarch, RetroArch, Retroarch .......where applicable
  12. Simply Austin says HI!

    Austion, thank you for your tutorial videos, as well as for the Emunation update videos. Great work man keep it ups, a lot of us would be lost without your vids
  13. My new babies

    I would have to get divorced in order to have those babies...
  14. Sounds odd....but i kinda grew to love Bowser
  15. Most Played Game

    I don't know, somehow i keep coming back to Super Mario World on the SNES, which is btw my favorite system of all times.