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  1. Unable to use Discount code

    Just applied and used the code from LaunchBox. Wanted to do this sooner but a Nintendo Switch purchase left me a bit thin in the wallet last month. Happy to say I'm now a lifer here.
  2. Unable to use Discount code

    I'm not aware of any discount for LaunchBox. You get the discount for EmuMovies when you purchase LaunchBox. I don't think it works the other way around but I could be wrong.
  3. Unable to use Discount code

    I just tried and it accepted the discount code. This was upgrading from monthly to lifetime. I haven't pushed it through just yet but will very soon, for sure before my monthly renews. And yes, I got the discount code from the welcome email from LaunchBox. Any paid version should work for the discount.
  4. New Member saying Hello

    Another new guy here. Been away from the emu/retro scene for quite awhile and then I picked up a Raspberry Pi about 3-4 weeks ago. That lead me to RetroPie, actually that's what lead me to the Pi, and from there I started looking into everything emu/retro related. Man they've sure come a long way with stuff. I looked into some front ends and decided on LaunchBox. Just picked up the premium edition BigBox and a monthly sub here at EmuMovies. Now I see a I could have gotten a discount on the lifetime membership here with my LB account. If I can apply that discount to an upgrade to lifetime here I'll definitely go that route. Loving what I've seen so far.