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  1. Just applied and used the code from LaunchBox. Wanted to do this sooner but a Nintendo Switch purchase left me a bit thin in the wallet last month. Happy to say I'm now a lifer here.
  2. I'm not aware of any discount for LaunchBox. You get the discount for EmuMovies when you purchase LaunchBox. I don't think it works the other way around but I could be wrong.
  3. I just tried and it accepted the discount code. This was upgrading from monthly to lifetime. I haven't pushed it through just yet but will very soon, for sure before my monthly renews. And yes, I got the discount code from the welcome email from LaunchBox. Any paid version should work for the discount.
  4. Another new guy here. Been away from the emu/retro scene for quite awhile and then I picked up a Raspberry Pi about 3-4 weeks ago. That lead me to RetroPie, actually that's what lead me to the Pi, and from there I started looking into everything emu/retro related. Man they've sure come a long way with stuff. I looked into some front ends and decided on LaunchBox. Just picked up the premium edition BigBox and a monthly sub here at EmuMovies. Now I see a I could have gotten a discount on the lifetime membership here with my LB account. If I can apply that discount to an upgrade to lifetime here I'll definitely go that route. Loving what I've seen so far.