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  1. Very good work man! It looks much better in most frontends.
  2. I'm also looking for ScummVm games logo.
  3. Thanks man! I was looking exactly for this on sketchup. Nice work!
  4. You rules! This room configuration is perfect for what I need. What frontend are you using?
  5. Nice work man! Don't forget to post a video of the final version after finish stage 4 and 5. ;)
  6. Nice work! Could you please upload a video of the final version?
  7. Be welcome! lot of cool stuffs here for emulator scene. ;)
  8. Hello! You can also try Handbreak. It's a free and very useful tool for converting videos.
  9. Handbreak is finally out of beta. I also used it to convert various videos type, including new codecs like h265.
  10. Thanks and also congratulations for your youtube channel. Great tutorials there!
  11. The last version of Launchbox has buck images download. You can choose on the platform settings the folder to save those files. After that I think you can configure Hyperspin.
  12. Sure. Depend on the skin there are views by default that use it.
  13. Leisure Suit Larry on an old MSX... Still have good memories :))
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