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  1. I used to like Guile...
  2. Unable to use Discount code

    How does this discount stack with the number of posts discount?
  3. Well for me, controls are king.... Let's say I want to play a track ball game. It's not going to do if I have to use a joy stick... My thought was that I should be able to change out the entire CP if I can setup an adapter/wire harNess that allows me to powe down the unit, swap out the CP and them power back on. This way I could have 1 cabinet with a half dozen control panels that give proper controls for any game.
  4. So I ran an executable (before I knew better) and it set my Kodiak up to run all of the illegal streaming I could ever ask for. I dI'd not realise that this would happen or I never would have run the executable in the first place... So now I guess I can uninstall/reinstall kodi and I should be able to run kodi as a media front end without any risk? Assuming of course that the damage is not already done....
  5. Emulators

    Thanks for the links!
  6. EmuMovies Front End Poll '16

    I love how active the community(s) are. The fact that a user and developer connect on a 3rd party forum is pretty awesome! Since you asked for suggestions... It does seem like there is a lot of overlapping development which I think slows down overall user experience progresion... I kind of like the idea of adding to the overall experience instead of recreating what's already there. Seems like rocket launcher is the choice for optimized launch control. Hyper pause does its thing. Xmapper for managing inputs. Retroarch handles cores and netplay etc. Launchbox/hypersonic for gui FE. Couldn't themes/bezzles/shaders all be managed with a single source api that plugs in to the system also? Then front end development could focus more on including additional media and creating customized features for UI. Then the community could focus more on creating new features instead of repackaing the new same features that every system needs. Lot of work still could be done as far as things like high score's, in game achievements, compatibility issues, improving HID for classic console/arcade experience. VR seems to be knocking on the door and unless I am missing something there is a ton of potential not really explored where playing retro games in a VR environment could be game changing. Don't get me wrong, if creating a FE is what your passionate about then you should. I just can't help but feel that there is more to gain cooperating with what's already there then competing with it and building something new from the ground up.
  7. So you store roms/isos on the loCal drive but all of the media (game play videos, game images) for the front end on the network drive?
  8. Screen Shot mapping

    Awesome - Thanks! What is d3d? I have used snagit but I didn't know it supports key binding. Ideally I would just dump to file on the fly and stitch together later.
  9. Retroarch - Genesis Overlay & Border

    I guess I was thinking more like a Bluetooth replica. Want to have the same control experience, but without the cord. My TV is 10ft fom my couch so it would take a lot of stretching to make that reach, and then I have kids running aound.... cords are just no good.
  10. Best emulator for each system?

    It looks like retro arch now has a dolphin core... I have been seeing more and more people suggesting better results not using retro arch, I don't really understand why though :/ so much to learn.
  11. EmuMovies Front End Poll '16

    Since we are on the topic of Rocket Launcher, is there a good source for learning how to use the software? The forum does not seem very responsive, and the only real videos I have found are from Simply Austin... they are good at showing a process flow for a specific setup (in addition to the ocasional waffle), but there are a lot of things I don't understand and I'm not sure how to Taylor the setup as I would like. Since I am using LaunchBox, the videos from Jason and Brad are great, but again they don't alays apply to my scenario - especially when it comes to Rocket Launcher. Any suggestions?
  12. This is one system I just can't imagine emulating giving the same experience as the real thing. I thought the games were a lot of fun- even if they made you color blind. I wonder if it would be possible to create a bezel that gives the 3d effect?
  13. Old memories !

    Staying up until 1am on an old system... I can almost smell the power leaking from the machine. What it's all about! I still have my first CoCo, but I can't hook it up and the controllers don't work.... but the memories-
  14. scanlines on win 10

    I'm curious. ... what game is that?