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  1. Good to know. I am setting up HyperSpin because i am dissapointed with LaunchBox performance... I am happy to go through the setup though because it allows me to get RocketLauncher setup effectively also. I assume that AttractMode will allow me to use RocketLauncher?
  2. Does anyone know if it is possible to setup a front end and have it map to different displays? I would like to mount 2 screens, with one setup vertical in order to allow for better aspect ration of things like Pinball/Vertical scrollers etc. Has anyone done this before - and do any FE's support this?
  3. Going to setup attract mode as my next project once i finish with HyperSpin. Hoping i can see good performance regardless of the setup process :/
  4. Hmm.. Maybe a different question here... Does anyone have a software package that is used to automap a game during game play. mostly i m interested in old dungeon crawlers before they all had map functions, but there are other games like metroid and castlequest that might be a little more difficult. Maybe i dont need to reinvent the wheel?
  5. I have downloaded a bunch of the video snap files for use with LaunchBox, and everything works fine. I am trying to link the same files to my HyperSpin setup, and its not working. I am wondering - do i need a different file format for the videos? Does HyperSpin not use the same format as LaunchBox, or do i just need to format an additional step in HyperSpin to allow .mp4 files to be used?
  6. I am trying to setup Bezels as well. I have everything working, but i am having trouble configuring the viewport in RetroArch. I watched the Austin video on setting up RetroArch with Bezels within the Genesis --> HyperSpin setup video, but the RetroArch GUI has changed quite a bit since he put the video out. Does anyone know of a newer tutorial that i can use to get things working without all of the trial and error? Thanks!
  7. I am in the process of doing the same thing here myself actually. So far it seems that all of the FE's i have looked at have the preference to import media into its own folder structure, but also has the flexability to allow you to map to an external directory. Also if your FE can point to Rocket Launcher you can manage all of your mapping configuration through rocket launcher once, and then just point the FE to rocket launcher.
  8. So I am looking for a bit of advice, and this seems like a good place to ask. I didn't want to hijack a thread, but this has gone from HS to LB to Retro FE... etc. I'm a launchbox user, and I love everything about it... except the performance of the FE. I have BigBox, and conceptually it's amazing. I would be happy to support the system, but it seems that performance is not going to improve anytime soob as Jason is focused on too many other things at the moment. Is there an FE available that does not suffer in performance, but still offers good visual interface? I am set up with Rocket Launcher, and Retro Arch. Can someone recommend a good FE that will serve as a functional setup while I wait/hope for Launch Box to improve performance in a noticeable way?
  9. How does this discount stack with the number of posts discount?
  10. Well for me, controls are king.... Let's say I want to play a track ball game. It's not going to do if I have to use a joy stick... My thought was that I should be able to change out the entire CP if I can setup an adapter/wire harNess that allows me to powe down the unit, swap out the CP and them power back on. This way I could have 1 cabinet with a half dozen control panels that give proper controls for any game.
  11. So I ran an executable (before I knew better) and it set my Kodiak up to run all of the illegal streaming I could ever ask for. I dI'd not realise that this would happen or I never would have run the executable in the first place... So now I guess I can uninstall/reinstall kodi and I should be able to run kodi as a media front end without any risk? Assuming of course that the damage is not already done....
  12. I love how active the community(s) are. The fact that a user and developer connect on a 3rd party forum is pretty awesome! Since you asked for suggestions... It does seem like there is a lot of overlapping development which I think slows down overall user experience progresion... I kind of like the idea of adding to the overall experience instead of recreating what's already there. Seems like rocket launcher is the choice for optimized launch control. Hyper pause does its thing. Xmapper for managing inputs. Retroarch handles cores and netplay etc. Launchbox/hypersonic for gui FE. Couldn't themes/bezzles/shaders all be managed with a single source api that plugs in to the system also? Then front end development could focus more on including additional media and creating customized features for UI. Then the community could focus more on creating new features instead of repackaing the new same features that every system needs. Lot of work still could be done as far as things like high score's, in game achievements, compatibility issues, improving HID for classic console/arcade experience. VR seems to be knocking on the door and unless I am missing something there is a ton of potential not really explored where playing retro games in a VR environment could be game changing. Don't get me wrong, if creating a FE is what your passionate about then you should. I just can't help but feel that there is more to gain cooperating with what's already there then competing with it and building something new from the ground up.
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