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  1. What is the most beloved computer for gaming? MS-DOS. Where are Artwork and videos for ms-dos games? Nowhere? I'm very surprised at this.. So Can we change this? Or where can you find artwork of ms-dos games?
  2. Bezels.. how to make those 16x9 bezelz work? OK. Bezels.. I got Bezels working.. that is 4:3 resolution . And they work just fine. But if I try to use 16:9 bezels.. Like those in Emumovies FTP. (MAME Unified Bezel Pack (RocketLauncher)(Metalzoic) ) My Rocketlauncher starts... it says loading complete. Then the screen freeezes.. I hear a game start but can't do anything. my only escape at this time is.. ctrl+alt+del and go to sign out. SO.. please can someone please tell me how to load 16x9 bezels on Hyperspin/Rocketlauncher?
  3. oh sorry. I thought video snaps was snapshot of video images. .. not actual videos. My misstake ! No worries!
  4. Hi Circo, can I ask you one thing? Have yo uremoved all videos that u had on FTP`? 

    I only see VIdeo snaps there atm ? 


  5. Circo!! has you removed all your wonderful videos..? and just made video snaps?
  6. Hi, Can anyone tell me how to get this PC Menu /w game videos ect in Hyperspin? or
  7. Hi, i created my profile back in 2010. What has happened/updates news in Emumovies from to 2010 until 2012?
  8. is looking for some hot stuff

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