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  1. What is your rom name as it looks right on our end
  2. I made one for the game and added to the FTP and Sync
  3. You would correct that in the emulator not the recording software.
  4. We just got a ton submitted, they are not official standards but they should be suitable until such time we can attack it directly.
  5. In launchbox these should automatically be scraping from the mame set
  6. All requested videos have been redone and replaced on the FTP & Sync
  7. All requested videos have been redone and replaced on FTP & Sync
  8. All videos requested have been redone and replaced on FTP & Sync
  9. Much better, the only thing I would ask is turning off bilinear filtering (the filter that makes it look soft and blurry)
  10. We have detailed submission guidelines on our discord that can help you out. https://discord.gg/D6KbKZr
  11. I dug and dug, looks like those text files had a mixup, sorry about that. The have list is the missing list and vice versa. It was hard to tell because we have 401 and are missing 409. I have corrected the text files.
  12. @Plastron spent most the day on these, got the 16:9 borders cropped out, audio normalized and converted to standard. Added to sync for now. Only thing I didn't do was edit to EM standards as mentioned before as there was not enough consistent gameplay. Normally we would fix that for you.
  13. Gameplay definitely more important than title 🙂 . I find sometimes using a separate timer helps to make sure you get enough or just hitting record when playing.
  14. Thanks for the submission, I took a stab at editing them but some issues. Some title screens are only a second if they exist at all. And since they are just whatever happens recordings getting a 30 second clip of gameplay is not available in most cases. Submitting rough cuts is absolutely fine but looking for 5-10 sec of title and a minimum of 30 seconds of gameplay.
  15. Downloads section Arcade/MAME/Video Snaps
  16. https://www.amazon.com/Canon-CanoScan-Lide-300-Scanner/dp/B07G5XZVLQ/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=scanner&qid=1598202761&sr=8-4&th=1 I keep one of these in the closet. Unless you need sheet feeders or a certain feature, scanners are kinda a commodity these days
  17. It's a neat project, not sure I have heard of anyone has tackled that one yet. But I do like the concept.
  18. I took a chance on an ebay seller in 2018 on a 2tb one (Perfect size) I checked and it looks like he has been inactive for quite awhile and his rating is still only 32.
  19. Just download the included (File List) Sega Genesis (Game Manuals)(EM 1.5).txt file for a list of all the files in the pack. When you click download you will see it, it's 14k
  20. I use acrobat, if you send cropped images I can turn into pdf. I notice you scan in the middle of the bed vs corners. I imagine that can make cutting out the page rather difficult
  21. I responded to your support ticket
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