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  1. Are MAME videos up to date?

    Well, I guess there's your answer then. :) You could check with Progetto to see if they can fix their videos too (they can rebuild the whole set quite quickly from the input source files). I've combined the EmuMovies set with what they offer for my own setup; then filtered them down to the files I actually need.
  2. Are MAME videos up to date?

    I think the Progetto set is not too bad. My set has every clone with the same name as the parent filtered out though, so it's hard to compare numbers. I figure I don't need to use any more storage than strictly necessary. :) Personally I wouldn't join just for the MAME set; the Progetto set is good enough. Once you add in all the other systems though, membership here is really worth it I think.
  3. Are MAME videos up to date?

    There's just over 4750 files, last updated in 2016. I believe a later updated was done, but I haven't been able to find it. Which front-end do you intend to use them on? There's almost 5000 in my own set in the RetroFE directory (updated a few days ago based on MAME 0.193), but not all of those will work properly on e.g. HyperSpin. They work just fine on RetroFE though.
  4. MAME 0.193 files are added, including a MAME feature for default horizontal/vertical artwork support. MAME 0.18* files have been removed to keep things clean.
  5. Help with misaligned MAME Unified Bezel

    Actually, this works as intended. Metalzoic created his bezel set to make optimum use of the screen area for the game, cutting off artwork in the process. If that is not what you want, you should install the original artwork in stead.
  6. MAME Unified Bezels (Pack 1)

    They're to be used with MAME in combination with RocketLauncher. You're correct that these are not usable as MAME(-only) artwork.
  7. That might have something to do with the menu fixes I made for 0.8.13 or 0.8.14; I should have a look at all current themes to see which ones need to be updated. I'll see if I can have a look at Animatic first; the required changes aren't that big anyway, so it should be an easy fix.
  8. Multi System Front Ends

    Isn't this just a matter of setting your launchers up to select the proper display? I'm not sure how Windows handles screen selection for full-screen programs, but once you figure that out it should be easy to set up any front-end to handle this for you.
  9. That's my mistake I'm afraid; originally the controls.conf file contained the following lines: # Define controller analogue dead zone. Default (when not configured) is 3%. # deadZone = 3 The deadZone parameter can be used to increase or decrease the analogue dead zone. You could play around with that to see if it helps.
  10. I use a PS3 controller on Windows 10 as well as Linux. You could play around with the sensitivity settings of course. Is the wheel jittery when using a keyboard as well? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  11. Did you check http://www.retrofe.nl/wiki/doku.php?id=controls? I'm aware that I need to add a button configuration from within the program still; a menu based configuration is still a major lacking feature in RetroFE IMHO.
  12. What I uploaded is the sets that are practically complete. Though I have some material for Atari Jaguar and Lynx, those sets are far from complete, and are missing quite a bit of artwork. When it comes to MAME Arcade, I generally don't use the roms directory to fill my games list. In stead I use an include.txt file. If you look on the RetroFE website (http://www.retrofe.nl) you'll find an XML set in the download section for the latest MAME releases. Within that zip file you'll also find a directory with include files based on different filters (no clones, casino, mahjong, mature, etc.). Just pick the one you want, and rename it to include.txt in the Arcade directory. That should severely limit the amount of missing art as well; most of the MAME roms aren't even working yet. With the filters I use, about 3000 (non-clone) games are left.
  13. Well, you still need to add the roms yourself. It's not legal for us to add them here. The setup on EmuMovies uses include.txt files to fill the lists; you can rename them to only see the games you have the roms for. The roms should go in the roms directory of the corresponding collection, e.g. collections/Atari 2600/roms. For Arcade games you could also use emulators/MAME/roms and use the include.txt file; it's easier to me. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  14. HyperSpin - why insist on it?

    Never having used LB/BB, I cannot compare performance, but I run RetroFE on a Pi3 as well, so performance on most PCs should be fine. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  15. RetroFE base pack updated to version 0.8.14.