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  1. Actually, you'd be surprised how easy setting up RetroFE can be, especially if you take the modular system setup I uploaded to EmuMovies, but I'm painfully aware that I need to add a menu structure to allow people to configure RetroFE from within the front-end. I'm currently working on a pi(3) version, and in order to reach that group of users I need to update that anyway, so it'll come with time. :) Then again: I'm not competing for users with Launchbox. Unless more developers jump in to help out, I can't keep up with a full-time programmer anyway. :) It's a hobby for me.
  2. The video build is based on art from EmuMovies and HyperSpin. While you can download most of the HyperSpin material from their web page, you'll need access to the FTP here to get the good quality videos. Since you're going to need that anyway, you can then also download the RetroFE media packs from the EmuMovies FTP server, as discussed here: Obviously we cannot offer you the roms; that's up to you to find and add. :)
  3. Updated the RetroFE to the latest (0.8.6) release. This also contains an update of the Aeon Nox theme to make use of some of the new features.
  4. Bezels updated with the latest work from Krakerman and griffin518.
  5. RetroFE: Host platform support (where it runs on). - Windows, Linux, MacOS Emulators supported. - All Style. (desktop GUI, cabinet friendly, HTPC style etc.) - Cabinet, HTPC Support for video snaps. - yes Support for other non-AV media (like PDF). - no Filtering/sorting/grouping type (presets, customizable etc.). - yes, via text files and favorites support Ambient sound and/or attract mode. - attract mode Media playback and HTPC features (CD/DVD, photos, videos, TV, web etc.). - no, but can be configured to launch a media player Configuration type (manual text config, separate config app, embedded config section etc.). - text config First release date. - 2014 Latest release date. (last update) - 2017 (1 or more releases per month) Unique features. - F/OSS, multi platform, merged/sub collections, playlists, highly animated layouts Link to it. -
  6. I know, I'm patiently awaiting the expiration. :) The current site is a simple WordPress site; I've considered buying a better theme to work from, but perhaps it's wiser to just create one using HTML5 in stead?
  7. Well, I am that guy, and the answer is simple: Emb hasn't been active for quite some time, and doesn't react to my emails either, so I'm just waiting for the domain to expire at the moment. :) While I agree that the new site isn't great, it's the best I can do with my limited knowledge of web design. I've asked for some help, but so far I don't have a good alternative (yet). It's not ideal, but it's the best I can provide at the moment. I had to put something in the default launcher configurations, and since any path in there would unlikely match what a user has set up already, I figured I might as well use the same configuration I used for the modular set up. That way if people don't want the hassle of setting things up for themselves, they can just download the packages I provided. We're currently on better documentation though, so hopefully we'll have more answers for people soon. One of the users was working on a configuration tool, but I haven't seen an update there in a while, so I should probably check what the status is there. RetroFE is F/OSS, so I welcome any and all help. :)
  8. Well, that last part isn't true; that's just the way I set up the modular system to make it easily portable between disks or USB. You can put the emulators anywhere you want.
  9. I think it's relatively unknown, and not as easy to set up as LaunchBox. The modular system I uploaded on the EmuMovies FTP helps a little in that regard. I hope to get started on a Pi3 image soon.
  10. 1. Installed base, and switching takes (a lot of) time. 2. Highly active community, especially in the art department. Almost every other front-end uses HyperSpin art and XML files. 3. Tools surrounding HyperSpin to fill in the blanks. That said: there's plenty of people switching front-ends or installing a second one next to HyperSpin. I myself have never used it; I switched from MAMEd straight to RetroFE. Then again: HyperSpin never worked on Linux, and I'm a Linux user. :)
  11. RetroFE, obviously. :) F/OSS, and getting better every time.
  12. Bezels updated with the latest work from Krakerman.
  13. I doubt he'd mind you uploading it to the FTP; worst case he'll delete them again. :) He may just make it a separate set if you'll do the work of properly collecting them, but that's up to him.
  14. MVS is the arcade version of the SNK Neo Geo, and as such, those videos are a part of the MAME set.
  15. Which SNK Neo Geo System do you mean? MVS? AES? CD? Most of the MVS/AES videos are already included in the MAME pack.