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  1. I think you need to decide on which program is to handle the bezel: RocketLauncher, MAME or RetroArch. Depending on that choice also depends on which set of bezels you should download, and how to install them. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  2. Added nearly 80 bezels by UDb23 from the RetroPie forums.
  3. Bezels updated with the latest work from Krakerman (>100 bezels).
  4. RetroFE base pack updated to version 0.8.13.
  5. As far as I know, mameui64 does not support video play (but my information could be out-dated). There are plenty of alternatives that can, but for the question which one is the best: that depends a bit on what you want to use it for, on which operating system, and whether you're willing to pay for it or not. As the main programmer of RetroFE (free and open source) I would of course advice using that, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. :)
  6. MAME set updated to 0.187 with MAME EXTRAs. Missing wheels (no_casino_clones_mahjong_electro_utilities): cfboy0a1 dodgeman enmadaio futflash galgame3 galgame4 glpracr2 hangzo jumpkun kokoroj2 lastbank micrombc mp_gunhe patapata patocar piratesh polyplay2 revngr84 skyrobo sonicfgt techbowl tekkencw ultracin victoryc Missing videos (no_casino_clones_mahjong_electro_utilities): barata carnking eeekk futflash gobyrc jumpkun micrombc mp_gunhe patapata patocar revngr84 scyclone skyrobo sushibar techbowl technodr ultracin victoryc
  7. My apologies for confusing you. :) Let's try again. The Unified Bezel set contains bezels for use with RocketLauncher, which should go in the RocketLauncher directory (I'm not sure where; I don't use RocketLauncher). These bezels maximize the game area by cutting off some of the original artwork. My MAME bezel set on the FTP in the RetroFE Media Pack are meant for use with MAME, and should go in the mame/artwork directory. It contains the (converted) unified bezel set as well as the (converted) original bezels. The standard bezel set comes from MrDo as far as I can tell, and should be a part of my MAME bezel set as well. Most of those are not for 16:9 though. If you want RocketLauncher to handle your bezels, just download the Unified Bezel set, and perhaps find the originals elsewhere on the internet. If you want MAME to handle your bezels, just download my bezel set in stead.
  8. The MAME artwork is for use by MAME; the Unified Bezels are meant for use with RocketLauncher. I'm not sure what the standard bezels are to be honest; where did you find those? The Unified Bezels are a part of the MAME bezels; they were set up to use as much of the screen for game display as possible at the cost of some of the original artwork. The MAME artwork contains the original intended bezel as well as the unified version. It's up to you if you wish to use MAME to display the bezels or if you prefer RocketLauncher to handle that. Edit: I assumed here that with the MAME artwork you mean the up to date set in the RetroFE Media Pack in the Official section. That's my most up to date set of bezels.
  9. Bezels updated with the latest work from Derek Moore.
  10. Have a look at the Official section on the FTP. In the RetroFE media pack you can find an emulators/MAME/artwork directory with all the bezels I gathered over the years. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  11. I have a few of these included in my MAME pack. I'm not sure what Metalzoic included in his RocketLauncher pack. Which consoles are you looking for exactly?
  12. I see, and which emulator(s) do you intend to use for these consoles? If you're using MAME, then you could use MAME bezels; if you're using RetroArch you could use RetroArch bezels, and otherwise you should look into using RocketLauncher.
  13. Actually, you'd be surprised how easy setting up RetroFE can be, especially if you take the modular system setup I uploaded to EmuMovies, but I'm painfully aware that I need to add a menu structure to allow people to configure RetroFE from within the front-end. I'm currently working on a pi(3) version, and in order to reach that group of users I need to update that anyway, so it'll come with time. :) Then again: I'm not competing for users with Launchbox. Unless more developers jump in to help out, I can't keep up with a full-time programmer anyway. :) It's a hobby for me.
  14. The video build is based on art from EmuMovies and HyperSpin. While you can download most of the HyperSpin material from their web page, you'll need access to the FTP here to get the good quality videos. Since you're going to need that anyway, you can then also download the RetroFE media packs from the EmuMovies FTP server, as discussed here: Obviously we cannot offer you the roms; that's up to you to find and add. :)
  15. Updated the RetroFE to the latest (0.8.6) release. This also contains an update of the Aeon Nox theme to make use of some of the new features.