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  1. This is always a good place to start looking: http://www.retrofe.nl/wiki/doku.php?id=launchers For SNES software lists, you could use arguments = snes "%ITEM_NAME%" There are a few issues you'll encounter though: 1. Your ROM names will not match the names in the include.txt, so you'll have to delete the include.txt file, and point to the software list rom directory in your SNES settings.conf file. 2. Your ROM names will not match the information in the XML file, so you'll lack all the additional information. You should download the corresponding software list XML from the RetroFE site. 3. Your ROM names will not match your art, so you'll have a LOT of art renaming to do... As an alternative, you could also just download the HyperSpin 1.0 ready cart set that contains all the matching ROM files. That set also contains the files for most of the other art sets I put on the FTP.
  2. .LAY files for Marquee and Bezel in MAME 1.7

    I haven't found a set with marquees added yet, but my set contains a lot of 16:9 bezels in MAME .lay format. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  3. When it comes to MAME arcade games, RetroFE doesn't need to know where your roms are. As long as you launch MAME, and your mame.ini file is configured correctly, it should work just fine. If you unpack the MAME art pack you should not only get the MAME artwork (without the videos; that's a separate package), but also a Windows launcher. Simply edit that launcher (launchers.windows\mame.conf if I'm not mistaken), and change the path to MAME. If collections\Main\menu.txt doesn't exist yet, just create one, and add the collections you want to show (e.g. Arcade) on separate lines. You can add the MAME bezels to your MAME emulation folder (default in the artwork subdirectory) if you'd like to use those as well. That's basically it really when it comes to setting up MAME with your current installation. The MAME art pack uses an include.txt file to define which games should be shown in the menu. As an alternative, you could point to your MAME roms directory in the collections\Arcade\settings.conf file, and only show the games for which you have the roms. There's also a MAME sub collection pack you could unpack. It will simply create sub collections for MAME (Cave, CPS I-III, Neo-Geo MVS), using all the art and launcher settings from your MAME (Arcade) collection. Let me know if you run into any trouble, and be sure to include your log.txt file so I can have a closer look. :)
  4. I normally update the bezels once per month; I've just been a tad too busy this one. [emoji3] Anything in particular you're missing? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  5. Not that I'm aware of. Most people I know either don't use them or use HyperMarquee to display them on a separate monitor. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  6. Ah, yes, that first one. I figured I'd leave them for now in case someone had an older rom set, but you can use just the latest. I'll probably delete the older versions in time.
  7. Which versions are you referring to? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  8. All paths in the media pack are relative, so it does not matter where you place the RetroFE directory. Just unpack the base pack anywhere you want, and unpack everything else from the RetroFE directory created when unpacking the base pack. You don't even need a command prompt; you could simply unpack using Windows Explorer if you prefer. Just move the zip files to the RetroFE directory, and unpack them there directly. Steam games can certainly be added, though since I don't use Steam myself I don't know what the launcher should look like. I'm pretty sure there are people on the RetroFE forums that could give you a hand though.
  9. I honestly have no idea; I don't use RocketLauncher. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  10. You're using a mix of MAME and RocketLauncher settings here. Please read http://www.rlauncher.com/wiki/index.php?title=Bezels For starters: RocketLauncher does not expect its MAME bezels to be in the MAME artwork directory; MAME does.
  11. Yes, the pack can be used with plain mamedev.org MAME.
  12. x, y, width, and height for the screen basically defines the area on the bezel where the game should be displayed. I already answered your similar question regarding Metalzoic's set in another thread, but you could also simply download my MAME bezel set from the FTP. It already includes Metalzoic's set. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  13. In general, the first step is to figure out what the viewport information of the bezel is. You can sometimes pull that from the cfg file, and otherwise figure it out using a graphical tool (I often use Gimp). You then create the .lay information: <element name="Bezel name (pick something)"> <image file="Name of the bezel image"/> </element> <view name="View name in MAME (pick something)"> <screen index="0"> <bounds x="viewport x information" y="viewport y information" width="viewport width" height="viewport height"/> </screen> <bezel element="Name of the element you picked above"> <bounds x="0" y="0" width="width of the bezel image" height="height of the bezel image"/> </bezel> </view>
  14. Sure, though if you grab my MAME bezel pack from the FTP you'll notice I've already done that (by script). :) The actual bezel part of Metalzoic's set is based on 2560x1440 resolution, so step 1 is to convert the background image to 2560x1400. You then cut out the 1920x1440 (for horizontal games) or 1080x1440 (for vertical games) middle part with a transparent block, and add in the supplied horizontal or vertical bezel. That takes care of the image. You then need to create the .lay information. For horizontal games: <element name="Bezel name (pick something)"> <image file="Name of the just created image"/> </element> <view name="View name in MAME (pick something)"> <screen index="0"> <bounds x="320" y="0" width="1920" height="1440"/> </screen> <bezel element="Name of the element you picked above"> <bounds x="0" y="0" width="2560" height="1440"/> </bezel> </view> For vertical games, replaced the screen bounds with: <bounds x="740" y="0" width="1080" height="1440"/>
  15. Updated MAME emulator set to 0.188.