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  1. /Official/Retro FE Media Pack/emulators/MAME/artwork
  2. Well, the simple solution to grab my pack, and use MAME to display them or grab one of the RL packs from the upload directory, and let RL display them. I've never used RL, so I honestly don't know what they're format looks like.
  3. Not as separate files, but they're in the zip files of course. You could extract them from there, and then convert them to RL format if you prefer.
  4. I have updated the RetroFE base pack to the latest 0.9.0 release. As soon as my MAME set is done downloading I'll start working on a 0.210 art set.
  5. That's probably the problem then. I'm not familiar with how RL handles bezels though, so I won't be much help on that. Try a new thread to get some answers there?
  6. In general, backgrounds are what's displayed behind the game while bezels are displayed in front of the game (like the plastic bezels that used to surround the monitors). I'm not sure why it would show off-center; I'd have to see the actual bezel you used. Does it use a .ini or a .lay file?
  7. I don't have separate XML files for those I'm afraid. I use RetroFE, and RetroFE doesn't need them to set up such collections. Most of the parent roms are from the Euro region, and the same goes for set 1. If you want the others as well, you need to grab one of the XML files that doesn't filter the clones out. I honestly can't help you with HyperSpin; it's just not my front-end.
  8. For MAME? There's a bezel pack on the FTP in my RetroFE Media Pack directory, under emulators/MAME/artwork.
  9. Yes, assuming you don't like the mature games to be in there. 🙂
  10. Did you grab mine by chance? I've provided MAME 0.205 XML files with multiple different filters for you to use, including filters on Mahjong, quiz games, etc.
  11. Hi phulshof, thank you for your MAME bezels in 16:9.  I didn't want to use RL just for the bezels so it really helped me.  I was wondering if you'd know whether I can use your bezel and a color overlay for a game like Avalanche?  When I hit tab button inside MAME it given the option for color overlay OR Artwork but not both.  Do you know if it's possible to use both simultaneously?  Thanks so much!

  12. I can keep it in mind; really shouldn't be that hard to do really. :)
  13. I was looking for a great artwork set for MAME and ran across one of your threads about your RetroFE set and I was just blown away at the work and time it must have taken to collect all of this in one place!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your effort that went into this. It truly is mindblowing!! ?

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