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Full FTP and Download Service File Listing as of 01/16/2012


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These are the full file listings of the Official FTP section, (Does not include member uploads) and the Download Service. These have been requested many times and it's been over a year since I published the file listings. Enjoy!

EmuMovies Download Service Report 20120116.zip

EmuMovies Official FTP Report 20120116.zip

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    • By phulshof
      I've uploaded a new modular RetroFE system to the EmuMovies FTP site, at /Official/Retro FE Media Pack
      While it contains a README.txt as well, a bit of explanation:
      - The RetroFE base xxx.zip file contains the base RetroFE installation for version xxx, with the latest executable. It's not very different from what you can find in the download section at RetroFE, except that it does not have the (nearly empty) Sega Genesis and Arcade collection.
      - The MAME 0.yyy emulator.zip file contains the MAME emulator installation for version yyy. All the collections currently in the set use MAME as their emulator, and the launchers all point to this installation.
      - The rest of the zip files contain collections, as complete as I have them, with launchers for Linux and Windows. Just unzip them in the RetroFE directory.
      - The emulators directory contains the MAME artwork (bezels), which can you simply drag and drop as a whole into your RetroFE directory. The MAME installation mentioned above will automatically use them.

      Basically, all you need to do is take the base (or use your own), unzip the MAME installation if you want, unzip the collections you want, add them to your Main collection's menu.txt file, add your games, and enjoy. The sets are mostly based on HyperSpin 1.0 XML files, so finding the corresponding games should be easy.
    • By zero_koop
      When downloading artwork using the Download Service Utility there are often a handful of games that don't get any artwork. But I can't tell if this is because no artwork exists on the server, or if I just need to rename my ROM file so that the Download Utility can recognize it.
      I thought that by using the FTP server I would be able to see a list of individual files (such as a list of the snap files) which are named a certain way and from that I can figure out exactly how to rename my ROM files that are missing artwork. But, I just got connected to the FTP and all I can see are .zip files. I can't see what's in the zip files. Do I have to download the zip file just so I can see a list of the files within? It would be nice if I could avoid that.
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