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      Sync Server Upgrade in Process   02/15/2018

      We are currently in the process of migrating our sync server to a more powerful machine.  We expect minimal if any downtime, however if your having an issue over the next few days it's most likely on our end.  This upgrade has been in the planning stages for awhile and it's a pretty big one.  We are moving from a 4/8 cpu to a dual cpu 12/24 with double the ssd based storage capacity.  In addition to the move we will be working on upgrading the fuzzy matching capabilities.    

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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, everyone. I recently joined emumovies after downloading Launchbox and simply love the ease of adding emulators/roms but also how it adds metadata. Before hand I was using Emulationstation but was finding it limited and frustrating to use, especially when using the scraper. I would like to contribute by using my photoshop skills anyway I can. Keep up the good work.
  2. I've uploaded a new modular RetroFE system to the EmuMovies FTP site, at /Official/Retro FE Media Pack While it contains a README.txt as well, a bit of explanation: - The RetroFE base xxx.zip file contains the base RetroFE installation for version xxx, with the latest executable. It's not very different from what you can find in the download section at RetroFE, except that it does not have the (nearly empty) Sega Genesis and Arcade collection. - The MAME 0.yyy emulator.zip file contains the MAME emulator installation for version yyy. All the collections currently in the set use MAME as their emulator, and the launchers all point to this installation. - The rest of the zip files contain collections, as complete as I have them, with launchers for Linux and Windows. Just unzip them in the RetroFE directory. - The emulators directory contains the MAME artwork (bezels), which can you simply drag and drop as a whole into your RetroFE directory. The MAME installation mentioned above will automatically use them. Basically, all you need to do is take the base (or use your own), unzip the MAME installation if you want, unzip the collections you want, add them to your Main collection's menu.txt file, add your games, and enjoy. The sets are mostly based on HyperSpin 1.0 XML files, so finding the corresponding games should be easy.
  3. Name: Commodore Amiga Setup Category: Emulation Tutorials Date Added: 2017-02-01 Submitter: AV Archivist In this series of Official HyperSpin Tutorials I'll be guiding you through the complete setup and customization of this amazing frontend in as concise and logical a manner as possible. Let me know in the comments section if you have any questions or concerns and I will address them as soon as able. If I'm ever unclear about a point or if I cover something too quickly, just let me know and I'll do my best to fix it! Today is an advanced tutorial on how to setup the WinUAE emulator for Commodore Amiga! To stay up to date with the latest video/project developments, consider following the AV Archivist Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AVArchivist/?fref=ts for the latest news and information. I try to keep followeres apprised as much as possible. ---Required Links--- WinUAE: http://www.winuae.net/download/ WinUAE Loader: http://headsoft.com.au/index.php?category=winuaeloader WHDLoad: http://whdload.de/ Amiga Forever: https://www.amigaforever.com/plus/ Guide to Adding Commodore Amiga to RocketLauncherUI: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feoQ68vE-z0 ---Introduction/Explanations--- 0:24 Introduction ---Installing WinUAE--- 0:40 Downloading WinUAE 1:05 Creating the Required Folder Structure ---Installing WHDLoad--- 1:18 Downloading WinUAE Loader 1:36 Transferring the Required WHDLoad Files into WinUAE 1:49 Updating WHDLoad to Latest Release ---Installing the Amiga Operating System--- 2:25 Introduction to Amiga Forever 3:04 Downloading Amiga Forever 3:17 Installing Amiga Forever 3:41 The Importance of Running Amiga Forever After Installation 3:59 Transferring the Required OS Files to WinUAE 4:47 Uninstalling Amiga Forever ---Configuring WinUAE--- 5:00 Setting Path Options and Verifying OS Roms 5:31 Sound Config 5:57 Game Ports Config 6:21 Filters Config and Maintaining the Correct Aspect Ratio 6:41 Saving the Configuration for RocketLauncher ---Important RocketLauncher Settings--- 7:26 Adding Commodore Amiga to RocketLauncher's System List (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feoQ68vE-z0) 7:42 Placing your Roms 7:51 Defining WinUAE's Path 8:14 Adjusting Module Settings for Correct Aspect Ratio ---Conclusion--- 8:31 Closing Remarks 8:58 End Card Credits - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Some Themes by James Baker Featuring Transitions by RavenProDesign http://www.ravenprodesign.com/ Background Music: OC ReMix #2959: Harlequin 'Coming to Chimerica' [In-game 3] by Binster Affiliates: HyperSpin - http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/ EmuMovies - http://emumovies.com/ Bliss-Box - http://skunx7.wix.com/bliss-box CinemaVision - http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=231881 A very special thanks to the HyperSpin community. Thank you all very much for watching! Commodore Amiga Setup
  4. New guy here... Well, I was here a long time ago, long enough to download video snaps for my MAME cab, anyway. I've been using an old version of Hyperspin in a cabinet for MAME only for quite a few years now. Just recently I decided that instead of traditional themes I'd just use HyperTheme to create my own themes, which would essentially be to just have the preview video snap fill the entire screen. Now that the videos are full screen instead of small, some of them look kinda blurry and/or not of the highest frame rate. This is an old version of Hyperspin that uses FLV files. I paid for a new subscription to EmuMovies, downloaded all new high quality MP4's for all my roms, then used the old video converter I once downloaded from EmuMovies to convert them to FLV's. This didn't really result in any improvement in video quality, though when I watch the MP4's themselves they look nice. Is the video converter perhaps not creating high quality FLV's? Or is there something inherent in the FLV format or maybe in the old Hyperspin that keeps the videos from looking as good as their MP4 sources? I don't really want to upgrade to the newest/current Hyperspin in order to use MP4's if that would be tough for a technology-challenged old guy like me. Any thoughts or advice are appreciated.
  5. First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong sub. Please move as necessary. Second, I'm a noob. Sorry also if I describe something incorrectly, or otherwise put my foot in my mouth. I recently decided to build a new MAME cab using LaunchBox as a front end. I'm trying to import a MAME 0.178 ROM collection and I have LaunchBox configured with my EmuMovies account to download pics and videos. During the course of the import, I get many errors all similar to "could not download from http://api.gamesdbase.com/[file name] for [game name]. The remote server returned an error: 404 Not Found". I've attached a screenshot showing some of the errors during the import process. By the end, there are around 6000 errors. An admin at the LaunchBox forums tells me that api.gamesdbase.com is for EmuMovies. He suggests that you guys might be having an issue. I just wanted to check if that was the case. I found another thread on the LaunchBox forums where someone else had the same issue and the consensus was that it was because he was using a free account and had reached his daily maximum. I have a premium EmuMovies account. I double checked and found the PayPal receipt from 2014 for a lifetime subscription. I'm wondering if maybe my issue is due to the API database not knowing that I have a premium account. Is there something I need to do to activate my account for the API? Otherwise, is there any other advice you can provide for this issue?
  6. Name: How to Choose an Emulator and Add It to RocketLauncher Category: Front-End Tutorials Date Added: 2016-05-13 Submitter: AV Archivist How to Choose an Emulator and Add It to RocketLauncher
  7. The Touhou Project set has been updated with 4 new videos thanks to a submission from shinobi68. Also updated were the Gameplay and Title snap packs. The updated sets are available in the EmuMovies Download Area, FTP File Server and the Download Service. Videos Added - Shinobi68 13.5th - Hopeless Masquerade 14.5th - Urban Legend in Limbo 14th - Double Dealing Character 15th - Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
  8. The Touhou Project set has been updated with 4 new videos thanks to a submission from shinobi68. Also updated were the Gameplay and Title snap packs. The updated sets are available in the EmuMovies Download Area, FTP File Server and the Download Service. Videos Added - Shinobi68 13.5th - Hopeless Masquerade 14.5th - Urban Legend in Limbo 14th - Double Dealing Character 15th - Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom View full article
  9. Version 1.0


    Sega Genesis Artwork Pack for use with RocketLauncher Unzip to your RocketLauncher Media Folder Games Supported: 781 About RocketLauncher RocketLauncher is not just a launch solution. RocketLauncher is an abstraction layer that ultimately sets the standard in emulators and standardizes key mapping commands. HyperPause is the dream of any emulator menu. The modules break the barriers of compatibility. Rom Mapping solved the lives of collectors. RocketLauncher is definitely the last word in matters of emulators. The choice of Front End has become a matter of mere affinity for design. And besides, you are not forced to follow a single solution, like MESS, you keep using your favorite emulator.
  10. 8 new videos for the Colecovision video snap set today means no more "Game Not Working" videos for the system. Thanks to DamnedRegistrations the set is now complete. Continue on for a breakout of what was changed. Videos Added/Replaced - Damned Registrations Bump 'N' Jump (USA, Europe) Destructor (USA, Europe) Dukes of Hazzard, The (USA, Europe) Slither (USA) Super Action Baseball (USA, Europe) Super Action Football (USA, Europe) Turbo (USA, Europe) Victory (USA, Europe) http://emumovies.com/files/file/677-/ http://emumovies.com/files/file/321-/
  11. 8 new videos for the Colecovision video snap set today means no more "Game Not Working" videos for the system. Thanks to DamnedRegistrations the set is now complete. Continue on for a breakout of what was changed. Videos Added/Replaced - Damned Registrations Bump 'N' Jump (USA, Europe)Destructor (USA, Europe)Dukes of Hazzard, The (USA, Europe)Slither (USA)Super Action Baseball (USA, Europe)Super Action Football (USA, Europe)Turbo (USA, Europe)Victory (USA, Europe) ColecoVision Video Snaps [240p] 20141112 Category: Video Packs Last Updated Today, 02:03 PM EmuMovies DSU 2.1 Category: EmuMovies Download Service Last Updated Jul 16 2014 10:07 AM Click here to view the article