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Hi from SDMODS!


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I used to own a mod shop in San Diego, CA. Sounds crazy but it was close to legit as you can imagine - store front, repair services, game console mods front and center, and a piracy policy that kept us out of trouble for the 8 years we were open. I made this presentation with a friend who also owned a mod shop:

Direct Link to Presentation: https://mix.office.com/watch/10vmx6ivc9wc2

Checkout my flickr photostream for old pics.


One of the most popular requests that drove our business to begin with was original Xbox modifications so people could run XBMC, play movies, games, and emulators. Obviously we never sold games, so our selling point was our ROM load (provided free with the mod) that was constantly updated and refined over the years. I made a deal with the creator of BAED (Big Ass Emulator Disc) to get his collection, used BritneysPAIRS excellent CoinOPS load, and topped it off with my own various items in my xbox emulation collection which included a custom XMugen build with 1200 characters. I also added small things like sick rom hacks, SNES RPG translations, and many other things.

To this day a 500MHz PIII x86 Xbox still beats the pants off of a Raspberry Pi 3 running RetroPie but a more powerful PC or NUC is even better. I haven't really explored Hyperspin until now and there are so many great things to experiment with. Time consuming but I'm sure many of you have got to the point where you have everything perfect just the way you want it.

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