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By Circo

Commodore 64 Video Snaps Version 1.5

A quick update to the EmuMovies Commodore 64 Video Snaps set adds 132 new video snaps. Thanks to Wiggles and Plastron for the submissions.  The set is now at 1,043 videos in total
Version 1.5
Added 132 Video Snaps
Whats New
EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HD, HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HD, HQ & SQ) View all our updates on the EmuMovies Files Feed   (We only post a handful in the news feed) Follow EmuMovies on Facebook Join EmuMovies on Discord  
By Circo

GameEx with improved EM Sync features and new price FREE

A couple of big pieces of news from GameEx and Spesoft.
Tom Speirs the creator of GameEx also wrote our primary API and Sync Tool.  He has done a lot of work on the service as well as GameEx integration and is announcing major improvements in the file matching system in regards to EmuMovies Sync.
Also GameEx is now Free! 
Official Announcement:
By Circo

Nintendo Wii Video Snaps Released (v1.0)(1,129 Videos)

After more than a year of work we are finally releasing our Nintendo Wii video snap set. Version 1.0 includes 1,129 videos in HD, HQ & SQ formats.  We have been adding these videos to EmuMovies Sync as we got them done over the last year so some of our supporting members may have some of these already.  Huge thanks to the team that helped capture the footage for this set including @avaris @drewby @mccorkled @Riffman81 & @xALPHAxOMEGAx
(File List) Nintendo Wii (Videos Snaps)(EM 1.0).txt
High Definition
(FTP & Sync)
 Resolution 1440x1080
 Frame Rate  60 / 50  Audio Rate  192 kbit/s  File Count 1,115  Total Size 30.1 GB High Quality
(FTP & Sync)
 Resolution  640x480
 Frame Rate  60 / 50  Audio Rate  192 kbit/s  File Count 1,129  Total Size 14 GB Standard Quality
(Site, FTP & Sync)
 Resolution  320x240
 Frame Rate  30 / 25  Audio Rate  128 kbit/s  File Count 1,129  Total Size 5.79 GB  
EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HD, HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HD, HQ & SQ) View all our updates on the EmuMovies Files Feed   (We only post a handful in the news feed) Follow EmuMovies on Facebook Join EmuMovies on Discord  
By Circo

Sega ST-V Video Snaps Released (v2.0)(61 Videos)

Another MAME System updated. Today we release a new Sega ST-V set in HD, HQ & SD formats.  This update includes 61 new Video Snaps from EmuMovies. These videos are in a stand alone package and also available in the general MAME Video Snap set.
What's New:
EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HD, HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HD, HQ & SQ) View all our updates on the EmuMovies Files Feed   (We only post a handful in the news feed) Follow EmuMovies on Facebook Join EmuMovies on Discord  
By Circo

MAME Video Snaps Updated (v1.6)(.236)(490 Videos)

Update for the EmuMovies MAME video snap set today gives us 490 new video snaps bringing the set into compliance with MAME .236.  I can't thank @joe35carenough for auditing the set so we could get these done for everyone. We have a lot more of these to do as they are super clean.  Recording at 4k with our newest editing guidelines really makes me want to redo the whole set.  We have about 4 systems in development at the moment but eventually we will get a complete HD set out for everyone.  In the meantime this fill a bunch of gaps and Joe has already found more for us to record.  To get the full list of what's new in this set just scroll down past the obligatory previews for a complete list.  All recordings and edits on this set done by me @Circo so if I missed something you are waiting for please hit me up.
What's New:
EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View all our updates on the EmuMovies Files Feed   (We only post a handful in the news feed) Follow EmuMovies on Facebook Join EmuMovies on Discord  

VideoGain v1.46 Beta 13

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About This File

This is used to apply Replay Gain to various video files (AVI, FLV, F4V, MP4, M4V, MKV) for the following audio streams MP3 & AAC. Other audio streams can be converted to the default AAC audio stream with Replay Gain applied.

This supports multiple Audio, Video & Subtitle streams, however preservation of Meta Data isn't currently supported.

What's New in Version v1.46 Beta 13   See changelog


  • v1.46 Beta 13
  • ==================================
  • Fixed Fast Seek in AutoCrop Testing
  • Added Floating Point FPS to Fraction Function
  • Refined Duration
  • Added Frame Count for MKV
  • v1.46 Beta 12
  • ==================================
  • Added Vorbis & Opus Audio Encodes (Opus Currently Broken)
  • Added Ogg Container
  • ?Fixed? AutoCrop & Scaling
  • Fixed Display Issue when Changing Audio Encoders
  • v1.46 Beta 11
  • ==================================
  • Fixed redraw issue with Scheduler
  • Updated ReadMe.txt to be current
  • v1.46 Beta 10
  • ==================================
  • Added Scheduler
  • Moved Shutdown option to Scheduler Tab
  • Added Exit option to Scheduler Tab (Just Closes App With Silent Logfile)
  • Updated FFMpeg
  • Updated MKVToolsNix
  • Updated QAAC
  • v1.46 Beta 9
  • ==================================
  • Added AVI Early Out if Stream Delay Detected
  • Added Ability to Que Multiple Instances via CLI
  • Added Sending Empty Path via CLI runs default INI
  • VideoGain.exe ""
  • Added CLI Secondary Option "CloseOthers" to Close All Running Instances Except This one
  • VideoGain.exe "<SomePathSomeWhere>\<NameOfSettings>.ini" "CloseOthers"
  • Added Check For Blank Destination Path When Alt Destination is Selected
  • v1.46 Beta 8
  • ==================================
  • Resolved Bug reported by Fonzo, issue with a var not getting renamed
  • Added Crude Command Line Interface, simply pass the executable a proper INI file.
  • VideoGain.exe "<SomePathSomeWhere>\<NameOfSettings>.ini"
  • Added CloseVideoGain.exe to be used to do cleanup duty if VideoGain via CLI needs to be closed early.
  • v1.46 Beta 7
  • ==================================
  • Quick fix for a Var gone missing in SubTitle Function
  • v1.46 Beta 6
  • ==================================
  • Switched back to FFProbe from MediaInfo
  • Buffed Up Progress Dialog (for now)
  • Cosmetic Fixes
  • MKV Stream Track ID Fixes
  • Prune Already Completed Files
  • Added Variable To Count All Files Processed
  • Renamed Each $aFindStreams (Video, Audio, SubTitle)
  • Made File Macro's Into a Function
  • Corrected Stream Delay Milliseconds
  • Added Progress Bars to nearly everything
  • Added Lots of Error Reports.
  • Resolved Audio Delay issues with MKV & MP4 and maybe others...AVI still hosed.
  • Resolved the basic MetaData issues with FFMpeg...AVI still doesn't hold any tags, but isn't failing anymore.
  • Resolved all Known Progress Bar Issues
  • Stopped Nuking External Subtitles, when Direct Replace wasn't selected.
  • Updated FFMpeg
  • Updated MKVToolsNix
  • Updated x264
  • Removed Subtitle Workshop using FFMpeg instead (maybe regressions)
  • v1.46 Beta 5
  • ==================================
  • Switched from FFProbe to MediaInfo
  • Updated QAAC
  • Updated FFMpeg
  • Better handling of Video Streams
  • Better handling of Audio Streams
  • MP4 & MKV Stream Delay Supported
  • Cosmetic Fixes
  • Broke Stream Meta Title
  • Broke Stream Meta Language
  • v1.46 Beta 4
  • ==================================
  • Fix some scaling issues
  • Updated MKVToolsNix
  • v1.46 Beta 3
  • ==================================
  • Optimization - Only perform Gain calculation if it applies
  • Better handling of Video Stream Containers
  • Better handling of Audio Stream Containers
  • Fixed issue with External Subtitles
  • v1.46 Beta 2
  • ==================================
  • Levelator now uses FLAC rather than WAV
  • Made Conditional use 8bit x264
  • Made x264 work (build used prior didn't support MP4 container)
  • Appear to have removed stutter video encodes (using new 8/10bit x264)
  • v1.46 Beta 1
  • ==================================
  • Fixed testing for Complete(d) version
  • Better handling of Video Stream Temp Files
  • v1.46 Alpha
  • ==================================
  • Added Alternate Destination Path
  • Added support for Multiple Primary Folders
  • Added Drag & Drop support for adding folders
  • Added limiting CPU Cores with FFMpeg
  • Added Aspect Ratio Correction
  • Added AutoCrop
  • Added Scale by Width
  • Added Scale by Height
  • Added back Multiple Video Encoders
  • Added Multiple Audio Encoders
  • Added support for Multiple Gain Types
  • Added Audio Channel DownMixing
  • Updated FFMpeg
  • Updated MKVToolNix
  • Updated Subtitle Workshop
  • v1.45
  • ==================================
  • Fixed issue with Processing Files in Complete folder
  • v1.44
  • ==================================
  • Fixed issue with MPEG4Modifier not creating a new file
  • Fixed issue with Random String Names
  • v1.43
  • ==================================
  • Updated FFMpeg
  • Updated MKVToolsNix
  • Updated QAAC
  • Removed PSKill
  • Unpack Mpeg4 Video Streams
  • Preserve FourCC Tag on Video Stream Copy
  • Insure proper FPS in video Stream
  • Use random string names to help prevent File System locking Files
  • Some code refactor
  • Dumbed down Progress Dialog (for now)
  • v1.42
  • ==================================
  • Fixed possible race codition with PSKill
  • Fixed possible lock on file copy\move
  • Fixed some issues with SRT subtitles
  • Some code refactor
  • Made Subtitles SRT format only (for now)
  • Added Stripping of SRT text blocks with Ban Words file
  • Updated QAAC
  • Updated FFMpeg
  • v1.41
  • ==================================
  • Removed AAC Gain
  • -- Using R128 via FFMpeg set to Replay Gain Value
  • -- All Audio Streams are now Encoded to AAC
  • Removed x264 8bit & 10bit
  • -- if you want 10bit encodes get a 10bit build of FFMpeg
  • Removed Preserve AC3 & DTS
  • Swapped Unlocker for FileASSASSIN
  • Using PSKill rather than AutoIt EndProcess
  • Reverted to last stable release of FFMpeg
  • Updated MKVToolsNix
  • v1.40
  • ==================================
  • Minor bug fixes & refactors
  • Added basic free disk space checks
  • v1.39
  • ==================================
  • Minor bug fixes & refactors
  • Fixed issue with _convert not getting passed a critical var
  • v1.38
  • ==================================
  • Updated FFMpeg, x264, QACC, Unlocker
  • Minor bug fixes & refactors
  • v1.37
  • ==================================
  • Fixes Exit button on Progress Dialog to actually kill all processes related to Video Gain.
  • Added Label on Progress Dialog to make the user aware of what file is being processed.
  • Added Minimize to System Tray to both Video Gain & Progress Dialog's.
  • Now TrayTips should only be visible when the Progress Dialog is minimized to the System Tray.
  • Added Portable Unlocker, to resolve files being locked in the Temp folder...thus screwing things up.
  • v1.36
  • ==================================
  • Switched from FHGaacEnc To Qaac for AAC encoding
  • v1.35
  • ==================================
  • Switched from Nero AAC to FHGaacEnc, which improves quality and nips some error's in the butt.
  • v1.34
  • ==================================
  • Minor update...tweaked the progressbar's a bit...still need more work on them.
  • Updated FFMpeg
  • Updated MKVToolsNix
  • v1.33
  • ==================================
  • Updated FFMpeg
  • Added x264 10bit
  • Enabled selecting between FFMpeg, x264 8bit and x264 10bit
  • Added Progresbar's...still needs some tweaking
  • v1.32
  • ==================================
  • Updated:
  • - FFMpeg
  • - x264
  • - MKVToolsNix
  • New Features:
  • - Auto Deinterlace VOB files
  • - Deinterlace toggle
  • - Select Video Encoder Application
  • - Added File Extensions DivX, VOB
  • - Auto Clearing of ReadOnly & Archive Flags on Video's to be Replaced
  • - Tally of Bytes saved from Re-Encoding Files
  • Fixed:
  • - Kill Process HotKey Function, Now Properly Closes Child Processes & Empties Temp Folder
  • - Removing External Subtitles for Video Replace
  • v1.31
  • ==================================
  • Updated:
  • - FFMpeg
  • - x264
  • - MKVToolsNix
  • I have decided to revert to using x264 while the file size and encode time differ little from FFMpeg there is still
  • a difference...so I'm opting for faster and smaller...since we can be talking hundreds or thousands of files here.
  • There have been some changes to work better with the newer build of MKVToolNix.
  • Fixes to Meta data that could cause MP4Box or MKVMerge to fail in building the final file.
  • Fixes to AACGain that should fix times when AACGain fails to apply Replay Gain to both MP3 & AAC audio streams.
  • v1.30
  • ==================================
  • Reverted change to ReplayGain protection...it's enabled again...I got bit way to much by clipping.
  • Progress TrayTip enhanced to give more feedback.
  • Tweaked Folder Browse button to behave more like whats expected.
  • v1.29
  • ==================================
  • Okay the constant MKV container problem "should" be resolved.
  • Keep in mind a MKV file will still be created for other containers with the exception of MP4 in the cases where a
  • Subtitle is merged into the video container and/or the audio is converted to AAC.
  • v1.28
  • ==================================
  • Removed Clipping protection when applying Replay Gain to MP3 & AAC audio streams.
  • As a result you "may" experience clipping depending on your audio hardware...but db from one video to the next should
  • be much closer now.
  • Should you run into clipping and not caring for it...this is completely reversible, as Replay Gain is only applied to
  • the header of the MP3 & AAC streams.
  • v1.27
  • ==================================
  • Fixed error with FFMpeg's markup which sometimes resulted in missing streams.
  • Added support for M4V, M4A, MP3, MPG containers
  • Please note this app will not re-encode H264 video streams it will simply stream copy. If this feature is desired it
  • can be added.
  • v1.26
  • ==================================
  • Removed x264 & just use FFMPeg for H264 encodes (results from FFMPeg are nearly the same as x264)
  • Removed bad automatic container conversion
  • Added Error Log creation to Hotkey Exit code
  • v1.25
  • ==================================
  • Now saves settings to INI
  • Now no longer Quits after Batch Operation
  • Misc tweaks
  • v1.24
  • ==================================
  • AVS file extension now supported and defaults to final MKV container
  • New build of FFMpeg
  • New build of x264
  • Added forcing MP4 or MKV file container
  • Added direct source file replacement option
  • Added x264 video re-encoding options for non H264 video streams
  • Added System Shut Down after Batch Operation Complete
  • Added Stats to Finish Dialog for total execution time of Batch Operation
  • Updated FFMpeg syntax
  • Fixed syntax for x264 encodes
  • Fixed several Sub-title issues
  • Reduced Hard Drive Abuse
  • Misc fixes and enhancements
  • H264
  • - Preset - Slower means smaller file sizes, but takes longer to run
  • - Quality - Smaller numbers mean better quality but increased file sizes
  • - Tuning - Type of video content, helps get better results from re-encoding
  • AAC
  • - Audio Quality - Higher numbers means better quality but increased file sizes
  • *Update 6*
  • ==================================
  • Hooked up Preserve AC3 & DTS controls, hooked up AAC Quality control...actually convert non AAC & MP3 files to
  • AAC...error on my part. Note I seem to be having some issues with internal Subtitles, and some video streams in
  • MKV; I hope to have this sorted out in short order.
  • *Update 5*
  • ==================================
  • Added a GUI, the preserve AC3 & DTS audio channels don't work as of yet...will be in the next release along with
  • improvements to usability. That said you can set the audio quality for any audio streams converted over to AAC
  • and enable folder recursion. Please note that MP3 audio will not be encoded to AAC as Replay Gain can be applied
  • to that stream type. If there are any other audio stream types that should be preserved beyond AC3 & DTS please
  • let me know.
  • *Update 4*
  • ==================================
  • Added CTRL+ALT+ESC to exit the script
  • *Update 3*
  • ==================================
  • Should the script hang or appear to hang one can now press CTRL+ALT+F6 which will end all sub processes, then
  • open CMD Consoles in the proper folders, then display a text file containing what executable was last active,
  • what file was being processed, and what command lines were used.
  • With any luck this will help sort out all the issues that might be ran into.
  • *Update 2*
  • ==================================
  • Added support for external Subtitles
  • Can pull meta data from file name if in the following format:
  • filename (year) [track] {lang} <title>.ext
  • The Veteran (2011) [04] {cze} <Signs & Dialog>.srt
  • Supported File extensions are:
  • [code]*.aqt AQTitle
  • *.ass Advanced SubStation Alpha
  • *.asc Cheetah
  • *.dks DKS Subtitle Format
  • *.lrc Karaoke Lyrics LRC
  • *.vkt Karaoke Lyrics VKT
  • *.mpl MPlayer
  • *.mpl MPlayer2
  • *.scr MacSUB
  • *.ovr OVR Script
  • *.pan Panimator
  • *.pjs Phoenix Japanimation Society
  • *.psb PowerDivX
  • *.rt RealTime
  • *.smi;*.sami SAMI Captioning
  • *.sbt SBT
  • *.s2k Sasami Script
  • *.rtf Softitler RTF
  • *.sst Sonic Scenarist
  • *.son Spruce DVDMaestro
  • *.stl Spruce Subtitle File
  • *.sst Stream SubText Player
  • *.ssts Stream SubText Script
  • *.srt SubRip
  • *.ssa SubStation Alpha
  • *.vsf ViPlay Subtitle File
  • *.zeg ZeroG[/code]
  • In a future update I'll add support for long Language tags rather than the short ISO format
  • *Update 1*
  • ==================================
  • Added some MetaData support per track

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