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  • There was a bug introduced in our last site upgrade in which some users who previously had a subscription can not actually click on the donation tiers.  If you experience this bug please submit a support ticket with the requested membership tier and we should normally get an invoice to you within a few hours. 

    NOTE: If you log out of the site you can get around this bug without submitting a ticket. Just log out go to the donation tier and you will be able to complete the process without issue. 

Donation Options


Lifetime Supporter Status, no renewals ever

$30 for first year
$20 renews after first year renewal

Yearly Supporting Status


$20 for first month
$5 renews after first month renewal

Monthly Supporter Status

  • If you have any issue please contact Member Support

    *If membership is showing the wrong status please click the member support link

    * If you would like to renew an expired subscription please click the member support link

  • To cancel a PayPal subscription Click Here 

    *PayPal subscription are cancelled on PayPal's website

  • tenor.gif

    Supporting members make everything we are trying to accomplish at EmuMovies possible. Our supporting members have made it possible to keep all of this going since 2005, and we plan to still be making video snaps and adding content and giving all this priceless media a home for many years to come.  Thank you for being a supporting member of the EmuMovies project.  

    Supporting Member Perks

    • No download limits
    • Full access to the EmuMovies FTP
    • All media categories available in EmuMovies Sync
    • Special forum title
    • No ADS



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