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  1. View File VideoGain This is used to apply Replay Gain to various video files (AVI, FLV, F4V, MP4, M4V, MKV) for the following audio streams MP3 & AAC. Other audio streams can be converted to the default AAC audio stream with Replay Gain applied. This supports multiple Audio, Video & Subtitle streams, however preservation of Meta Data isn't currently supported. Submitter Nologic Submitted 10/24/2010 Category Apps & Utilities Credits Nologic  
  2. View File HyperSpin Cue Renamer A collection of tools to enable CUE file renaming in order to match up with HyperSpin XML's Submitter Nologic Submitted 03/25/2013 Category Apps & Utilities Credits  
  3. View File HyperSpin Merge Favorites This application will merge two or more HyperSpin Database XML's together. It doesn't allow more than once instance of a game as compared by the Description tag. To use simply execute the application, you'll then be prompted for a XML. After selecting an XML you'll then be prompted for a System name, this must match what is used in HyperLaunch. This will then loop through the process for however many times you like, until you answer No. Once No has be selected a new XML file will be created. Note: if you simply exit the application no XML will be created. Submitter Nologic Submitted 11/22/2012 Category Apps & Utilities Credits  
  4. View File HyperSpin Asset XML Audit This is for auditing various file & folder assets used in conjunction with HyperSpin Database XML's. Simply add or drag & drop folders into the GUI to be processed against a single XML. Then click the Start button, you'll then be prompted for the XML to use against the folders listed in the GUI. Unknown assets will be moved to a _Unknown sub folder in the respective processed folder, so that you can then figure out where to go from there. Submitter Nologic Submitted 11/22/2012 Category Apps & Utilities Credits  
  5. View File MAMErenSET This is used in conjunction with the renameSET.ini provided by AntoPISA, to allow quick renaming of Mame asset files (Videos, Snaps, Titles,...) all at once. Simply place the renameSET.ini in the root of the application folder and then select the last name version of your assets at the Start Version...then select the current version you are wishing to match your assets to, then set the path to the parent folder holding all of your asset files...and finally click Run and in a few seconds everything will be done. Submitter Nologic Submitted 10/24/2010 Category Apps & Utilities Credits Nologic  
  6. View File EmuMovies CRC-32 Renamer This is an application supports name conversion from\to CRC-32 Value or Long Name. Now it will read & convert based off of ClrMamePro , RomCenter and OffLineList DAT \ XML files. OffLineList renames strictly to CRC-32 at which point you can use a ClrMamePro or RomCenter DAT to rename to Long Name. Now this does support renaming multiple asset folders at once...and it doesn't care what file extension an asset has...if its primary name matches up...it gets renamed. DAT's & XML's must be unarchived to be read by the app. Be sure for now that you ARE USING DUPLICATES of your files!! Now if you have a collection of files that looks like this: Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\Manual\ Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\Roms\ Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\Snaps\ Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\Titles\ Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\Videos\ You would set the Source to: Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\ If you so like you can use the same folder for the Target path as it will prefix CRC_ to the folder names, like so: Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\CRC_Manual\ Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\CRC_Roms\ Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\CRC_Snaps\ Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\CRC_Titles\ Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\CRC_Videos\ Anyways lets try to do a dry run though this. First off make sure you are using a DAT that matches your currently named sets, if at all possible. Set your Source & Target Paths, then in settings select: Name CRC-32 File Move Missing Log Then Click "Start" at this point a lot of the GUI will be disabled...now depending on the shear number of folders & files involved this maybe quick or fairly slow...but once the process is complete you'll receive a dialog telling you as much. Now check your original folders sizes...or simply look inside them...ideally they should be empty...if not please create a new folder called "New Folder" and cut and paste all the folders that still have something in them into that folder. You can delete or leave the empty ones present...doesn't really matter as they will be recreated here shortly. Now if you look in the CRC_* folders you may see a "_Missing.txt" this contains the Long Names & CRC-32 Names of assets you are missing per folder. Anyways lets see about putting things back together for use with a FE. Grab the latest DAT file for your rom set & unarchive it and load it into the application. Now depending on if you used the same folder for Source & Target you may just leave them alone...or you didn't use the same...you'll now have to reverse the paths. In the Settings area select the following: Name Long File Move Missing Log Click Start...wait for the dialog...check your CRC_* folders...they should be empty except for the _Missing.txt if one was created at all. Now in your new non CRC_* folders if you look in there...you should see everything looking all pretty...and a new _Missing.txt which should have the same matching contents as the one that was in the same named CRC_* folder. Now delete your CRC_* folders. Now if you have the room...instead of moving files out of the CRC_* folders...you may want to opt for copy...that way in the future you can skip out on some hassle...plus not having to worry about keeping a soon to be old DAT. Submitter Nologic Submitted 01/13/2011 Category Apps & Utilities Credits  
  7. View File AppPath A better description & information coming in the near future. ------------------------------------ Normal usage for App Path executables is ether via the Run Dialog (WIN+R), CMD Console or Batch Scripts, and you can apply normal augments. Example Run Dialog: iPacUtil /H Example CMD Dialog: start iPacUtil /H In ether case should iPacUtil be registered within App Path the above would bring up the Console Help Text. Lets give a more interesting example...lets say we have Kega Fusion installed to: C:\Emulators\Kega Fusion\Fusion.exe And we have our roms at the following location: Z:\No-Intro\Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis\ We register Fusion with App Paths then open a CMD console in the Roms folder so that our command prompt looks like so: Z:\No-Intro\Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis>_ Now at the command prompt enter: start fusion Hit the ENTER key & then close Kega Fusion. Now at the command prompt hit the UPARROW then SPACE now type the first letter of a game you wish to play...then hit TAB till that game is showing in the command prompt...example: start fusion "Crue Ball - Heavy Metal Pinball (USA, Europe).zip" Then hit ENTER and the game will start ------------------------------------ Okay download and extract anywhere...probably best to extract to ".\Program Files\AppPath\." just so its something easy to find. next double click on each executable...this should first off create a new folder in your SendTo RightClick context menu called AppPath inside of it should be shortcuts to each executable as you have executed them. Next transverse your file system to where "iPacUtil.exe" is and RightClick on it and select from the context menu "SendTo\AppPath\AppPath Add" at that point you'll have just added iPacUtil.exe to App Path. To remove well use the other SendTo shortcut. Keep in mind that any executable that you add to App Path...should there be any white space in the name...it will be removed. For example "Foo Bar.exe" will become "FooBar.exe" this is to allow for proper execution via the Run Dialog or the CMD Console. If a file by the same name already exists you'll receive a error dialog informing you so...nothing gets overwritten. You may still remove the current value...and then add...but by default it will not overwrite a preexisting value. Submitter Nologic Submitted 10/24/2010 Category Apps & Utilities Credits Nologic  
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