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Meet our Forum Team


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With the addition of our new forum some help was enlisted. Please let me introduce our team.

Circo – Forum Administrator (Head of the EmuMovies Project)

I started the EmuMovies Project back in 2005 with the release of the NES video snap set. Currently am coordinating all new content, and still working on video sets myself.

BadSeed – Forum Administrator (Artwork Packs, Site Development)

BadSeed has been in the emulation scene for a long time now and is a self admitted GameEx fanboy. He is currently tasked with updating our artwork packages and coordinating the release of new ones. BadSeed is also working on giving the website a new more unified look.

Brian Hoffman – Forum Moderator

We are very fortunate to have been able to enlist the services of Brian who should be no stranger to most of our visitors. Brian is currently a moderator at the GameEx and HyperSpin forums. Brian is extremely knowledgable in the scene and has always proven to be a valuable resource to users.

So if you see them say hi and maybe drop them a rep vote or two.

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Just wanted to say Hello to everyone. I love what you've done with the place.

No applause, No applause, thank you, thank you.... praising.gif

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Great job with the site. Hope to see more and more activity on the forums! good.gifgood.gif

Once I go live with the downloads section I think this place may blow up. At that point I will send out an email to our user base notifying of the extra stuff besides just ftp. I think that might give us a bit of a growth spurt.

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Could that wait until the giveaway is over? sarcastic.gif

Honestly it just might, it depends on how long it takes me to set up the downloads section. It's probably best to work all of the bugs out before asking a mob to come break down my door greeting.gif

(I love this smiley pack)

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