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  1. View File CFG Magician Preamble: Problem: How to map individual mame games, without having to do it one by one in every game. Solution: CFG Magician! Question: "Why do I care?" Answer: You probably don't, but you should... I have a seven button layout on my control panel: _000 0000 Pretty standard, the six buttons on the right for fighting games, bottom row of four butttons for Neo Geo, and other four button games. I started this project because I had made a CTLR file for NeoGeo games, but that left me with 234 Non-NeoGeo, no-clone, four button games that didn't
  2. View File Marquee Magician Marquee Magician is a program to display Images, HiToText, and/or Usage Statistics on a secondary monitor. Before Using Marquee Magician: You will need to download IrfanView, and put a copy of i_view32.exe into the Marquee Magician Folder. After Irfanview has been installed, run Template Creator v2.0. (The setup program can be used on a system with only one monitor, however to be able to display the graphics in your FE, you will need two monitors.) I have included a .pdf file with detailed instructions on the Template Creator prog
  3. View File Perfect Match Perfect Match is the sequel to Skinny Match New Features include: Perfect Match has the ability to save multiple projects that will allow matching to continue from the point at which the project was previously saved. Perfect Match can rename artwork from .dat files, and .xml files. When using SoftList .xml files, Perfect Match will rename your artwork to the 'Short Name' (See Screen Shots) Instant alternate matches in the match tab using right-click. Additional settings to help with better matching. Messages can be shown normally, as too
  4. View File System Ini Files These Ini files contain game specific information for various systems. It allows FE developers to sort games by Publisher, Developer, Year, Genre, Perspective, User Ratings, Control Type, Num of Players, and ESRB rating. A description is provided for each game, along with other systems that the game can be played on. These Ini files cover 77 systems, 54737 games, with 654136 total entries. Example - 3DO.ini: [Corpse Killer] Publisher=Digital Pictures, Inc. Developer=Digital Pictures, Inc. Released=1995 Systems=Macintosh|SEGA 32X|SEGA
  5. View File Format mameinfo / history Format mameinfo.dat / history.dat to fit your window. No more scrolling left / right to view the text. Enter the width of your display (or the width of the window) that mameinfo / history is displayed in. Enter the path to the .dat file. Your old .dat will be renamed to .dat.old, and a new .dat will be created in the same folder. If some lines are still too long, you can increase the 'Fudge Factor" to shorten the lines. Submitter Tempest Submitted
  6. View File S.I.F.T. - System Ini File Tool What are System Ini Files? System Ini Files have been created to provide FE Developers additional information for console games. While Mame has Controls.dat, Nplayers.ini, and History.dat, until now there has been no easy way to provide the same types of information for consoles. With the System Ini Files, FE's will have the ability to sort by Release Date, Genre, Perspective, Game Rating, Controls Type, Num Players, and ESRB Rating. System Ini Files will also allow FE's to provide additional information about a game
  7. View File Pause Process This Script will pause any process. I have tested it on Karafun, Dolphin, Project64, ZSNES, FreeDO, Sega CD, SSF, and PSX. I know, some of those emulators have a pause key, But the ones I checked had sound stuttering while paused. With this script, that won't happen. Plus, one key will pause anything, with no setup required. Tested on XP Pro 64. 1. Run Pause.exe 2. Press 'P' to pause 3. Press 'P' to unpause Submitter Tempest Submitted 12/18/201
  8. View File The 'Randomizer' The 'Randomizer' can be used to randomize files for which your FE would normally only use one static file. E.G. startup video, ambience.mp3 files, background images, etc. 1. Run - Randomizer.exe and choose the static file that you want to randomize. 2. Select the folder that contains the files that you want to use to replace the static image. 3. Choose your options, and select the files that you want to use as replacements. 4. Click 'Save' A Random.ini file will be created, open it and you will see something like this: [Ran
  9. View File Super Escape This SHOULD allow you to exit any emulator by pressing the 'Escape' Key, even if the emulator 'Hangs', and cannot be closed by normal methods. I say 'should', because I wasn't able to actually crash an emulator to the point that I couldn't exit normally. After you have your FE and any other support programs running, run the Super Escape program. Press and hold 'Escape' for three seconds to activate Super Escape. All processes started after Super Escape will be closed. Submitter Tempest
  10. View File Roms in (and out of) folders. These two utilites with take your roms out of folder, and put them back again. Yes, you can even put roms in folders that were never in folders. Just put the .exe file into your root rom dir (EG: C:\emulators\snes\roms) and double-click the .exe to run it. Be careful, I accidentally double clicked one of the exe files while I was working on it, and it put all of my loose files into folders. I couldn't just use the other program to fix it, because I wanted some of my stuff in that directory left in folders. It will pu
  11. View File SnapShot Magician Thanks to Tempest for creating this program and sharing it with us. SnapShot Magician can be used to create videos, and screen shots for any emulator. SnapShot Magician also can create reports so that you can easily see which images are missing for your roms. Before you can use Snapshot Magician with Fraps, you will need to set the 'Folder to save movies in' to Snapshot Magician\Videos Temp, and the 'Folder to save snapshots in' to Snapshot Magician\Snap Temp. When you run ScreenShot Magician, you will see something like this: It is
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