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  1. View File CFG Magician Preamble: Problem: How to map individual mame games, without having to do it one by one in every game. Solution: CFG Magician! Question: "Why do I care?" Answer: You probably don't, but you should... I have a seven button layout on my control panel: _000 0000 Pretty standard, the six buttons on the right for fighting games, bottom row of four butttons for Neo Geo, and other four button games. I started this project because I had made a CTLR file for NeoGeo games, but that left me with 234 Non-NeoGeo, no-clone, four button games that didn't use the 4 button layout that I wanted. Another example would be that for trackball games, you could map buttons on either side of the trackball to be used in the games, so that either hand could be used for the trackball. I wanted a way to mass produce Mame Cfgs based on options that I could choose myself. How to use CFG Magician: DownLoad a set of 'CFG Magician Data Files' that matches your version of Mame, and put them in the CFG Magician\Data Files folder. EG: CFG Magician\Data Files\005.cfg Browse to the list of games you want to convert. You can use one of the files provided, or you can make your own list with RomLister. The nice thing about this, is that you can create any list you want. Put a tick in the box, if you want to mirror player1 buttons to player2 for alternating games. If you do this, for games like Asteroids that normally only use the one player controls, both sets of controls will be mapped, so that two players can play without "swapping" in and out. If you want to convert all 2 player alternating games, select the "AlternatingGames.csv" in step 1. Enter the controls that you want mapped for players 1 - 4. Skip any controls that you don't want to change from the default controls. For Mouse, Joy, and Gun codes, use the right-click menu. To enter multiple inputs into a box, put a tick in the box "Enter Multiple Inputs". Use the radio buttons for Multiple Keyboards. (Keycodes for Keyboard #2 will not show up in Mame, unless the -multikeyboard switch is used.) CFG Magician creates new cfg files with the inputs you entered, copies all existing Mame/cfg information to the newly created cfgs, and places the new cfg file into the "New Cfg" folder, over-writing any existing cfgs in the folder. For this reason, if you are working with multiple lists, do the "High Priority" list last! Once you are satisfied with the results, move the new cfgs in the CFG Magician\New CFG folder into your Mame/cfg folder. Always backup your existing cfg files! When the program is finished, if some cfgs weren't created, CFG Magician creates a list called Roms Skipped.csv, Listing the reason a cfg was skipped. Notes: Save Button: Use the "Save" button to save current input codes. I think it is important to note, that CFG Magician does not write blank inputs to the cfg file. It is advisable that you only enter the inputs that you want changed from the default.cfg, or your ctrlr.cfg, otherwise there will be many unnecessary entries in your Mame\cfg files. Lists: I have included two folders (Clone, No-Clone) with lists for: buttons 1-16, Trackball, Spinner, Dial, and 4 button Non-NeoGeo lists for people who have a NeoGeo entry in a ctrlr file. Examples of what could be done: Map a 14 button game across a two player 7 button control panel. Map Buttons on either side of the trackball/spinner for right/left hand play. Joy Number: The value "Joycode=0" from the CFG Magician.ini file is subtracted from the Joy Number. So if your Joy # is off, use this value to adjust it. Dipswitch Options: CFG Magician can set the following dipswitch options: Language (English,Japanese,German,French,Italian,Spanish) FreePlay (On) CockTail (On) Difficulty (Min,Max) Lives (Min,Max) Bonus Lives (Min,Max) If you want a game to be as easy as possible, set Difficulty (Min), Lives (Max), Bonus Lives (Min) A word about Difficulty, Lives, and Bonus Lives. All I do is set the dipswitch to the first available option for (Min), and to the last available option for (Max). This is not 100% accurate, some of the dipswitches are in Max-Min order in the drivers, instead of Min-Max. There are too many names for the different dips, and I have no desire to work it all out. I believe that the Language, FreePlay, and Cocktail dips are accurate. Submitter Tempest Submitted 12/19/2010 Category Apps & Utilities Credits Tempest
  2. View File Marquee Magician Marquee Magician is a program to display Images, HiToText, and/or Usage Statistics on a secondary monitor. Before Using Marquee Magician: You will need to download IrfanView, and put a copy of i_view32.exe into the Marquee Magician Folder. After Irfanview has been installed, run Template Creator v2.0. (The setup program can be used on a system with only one monitor, however to be able to display the graphics in your FE, you will need two monitors.) I have included a .pdf file with detailed instructions on the Template Creator program. Marquee Magician Usage: Marquee Magician is a command line program. Usage: C:\Users\Matt\Desktop\Marquee Magician\Launch MM v2.0.exe "System" "[Rom]" where System is the name of your template, which can be found in the MM.ini file between []. EG. [Nintendo 64] Example: (Using GameEx) For Mame, Using 'Advanced Mame Settings (2) / Run on Launch' I have: "C:\My Marquee Magician\Launch MM.exe" "MAME Games" "[Rom]" and in the 'Run on Exit' I have: "C:\My Marquee Magician\Launch MM.exe" "GameEx" I only have one parameter in the 'Run on exit' because I only display static images while in GameEx. You can also use "C:\My Marquee Magician\Launch MM.exe" "Kill" to clear the screen, and not display additional images. I have included my templates, MM.ini, and GameEx.ini for you to see how I set it up. Composite Images: Marquee Magician can merge multiple images into one image. To do this, first set up a template, and assign it to an emulator. Use {Ctrl}{PrintScreen} to select the composite image option. You will be asked to select an emulator, the location of your roms folder, and a folder to put the new images into. It takes about 2 seconds per image on my laptop to create an image. The 3 Stooges image was created with Marquee Magician (the actual image quality is better, using the .png extension.) This software is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 license http://creativecommo...nses/by-nc/3.0/ Submitter Tempest Submitted 12/19/2010 Category Apps & Utilities Credits Tempest
  3. View File Perfect Match Perfect Match is the sequel to Skinny Match New Features include: Perfect Match has the ability to save multiple projects that will allow matching to continue from the point at which the project was previously saved. Perfect Match can rename artwork from .dat files, and .xml files. When using SoftList .xml files, Perfect Match will rename your artwork to the 'Short Name' (See Screen Shots) Instant alternate matches in the match tab using right-click. Additional settings to help with better matching. Messages can be shown normally, as tool tips, or turned off completely. A brief description of the settings tab and matching using Perfect Match Submitter Tempest Submitted 12/04/2012 Category Apps & Utilities Credits
  4. View File System Ini Files These Ini files contain game specific information for various systems. It allows FE developers to sort games by Publisher, Developer, Year, Genre, Perspective, User Ratings, Control Type, Num of Players, and ESRB rating. A description is provided for each game, along with other systems that the game can be played on. These Ini files cover 77 systems, 54737 games, with 654136 total entries. Example - 3DO.ini: [Corpse Killer] Publisher=Digital Pictures, Inc. Developer=Digital Pictures, Inc. Released=1995 Systems=Macintosh|SEGA 32X|SEGA CD Genre=Action Perspective=1st-Person Perspective Score=3.7 Controls=Controller Pad|LightGun Players=1 Player Esrb=Mature Url=http://www.mobygames.com/game/3do/corpse-killer Description=Corpse Killer is a full-motion video shoot-'em up. You play as an elite special forces soldier, who parachutes onto a remote tropical island. It seems the evil genius Dr. Hellman has found a way to raise the dead, and created an island of zombies. It's up to you to shoot your way through the undead hordes and stop Dr. Hellman. The game is played from a first-person perspective. Various zombies pop up in front of a video background, and you shoot them down by moving a cursor on screen or by using a light gun. The Saturn version has a few different features including extra power-ups as well as added footage of enemies. Systems: Submitter Tempest Submitted 12/27/2010 Category Apps & Utilities Credits Tempest
  5. View File Format mameinfo / history Format mameinfo.dat / history.dat to fit your window. No more scrolling left / right to view the text. Enter the width of your display (or the width of the window) that mameinfo / history is displayed in. Enter the path to the .dat file. Your old .dat will be renamed to .dat.old, and a new .dat will be created in the same folder. If some lines are still too long, you can increase the 'Fudge Factor" to shorten the lines. Submitter Tempest Submitted 03/22/2011 Category Apps & Utilities Credits
  6. View File S.I.F.T. - System Ini File Tool What are System Ini Files? System Ini Files have been created to provide FE Developers additional information for console games. While Mame has Controls.dat, Nplayers.ini, and History.dat, until now there has been no easy way to provide the same types of information for consoles. With the System Ini Files, FE's will have the ability to sort by Release Date, Genre, Perspective, Game Rating, Controls Type, Num Players, and ESRB Rating. System Ini Files will also allow FE's to provide additional information about a game including Publisher, Developer, additional consoles, and a description of each game. What is S.I.F.T.? S.I.F.T. (System Ini Files Tool) is used to match and change the existing game names in the System Ini Files to a dat file. S.I.F.T. can also add additional sections to the System Ini Files from XMDB files. XMDB Example: In the U.S. Sega released a game for Genesis named 'AeroBiz'. The same game was released in Japan with the title 'Air Management - Oozora ni Kakeru' Using information from XMDB files, S.I.F.T. can copy the information from AeroBiz to a new section named 'Air Management - Oozora ni Kakeru' Submitter Tempest Submitted 01/25/2011 Category Apps & Utilities Credits Tempest
  7. View File Pause Process This Script will pause any process. I have tested it on Karafun, Dolphin, Project64, ZSNES, FreeDO, Sega CD, SSF, and PSX. I know, some of those emulators have a pause key, But the ones I checked had sound stuttering while paused. With this script, that won't happen. Plus, one key will pause anything, with no setup required. Tested on XP Pro 64. 1. Run Pause.exe 2. Press 'P' to pause 3. Press 'P' to unpause Submitter Tempest Submitted 12/18/2010 Category Apps & Utilities Credits Beyond Logic
  8. View File The 'Randomizer' The 'Randomizer' can be used to randomize files for which your FE would normally only use one static file. E.G. startup video, ambience.mp3 files, background images, etc. 1. Run - Randomizer.exe and choose the static file that you want to randomize. 2. Select the folder that contains the files that you want to use to replace the static image. 3. Choose your options, and select the files that you want to use as replacements. 4. Click 'Save' A Random.ini file will be created, open it and you will see something like this: [Randomize1] Option=1 Folder=C:\Users\Matt\Desktop\Random\Random Files FileToRandomize=C:\Users\Matt\Desktop\Random\File to Randomize.txt FileList=File to Randomize.txt|File1.txt|File2.txt RandomList=File2.txt|File1.txt|File to Randomize.txt Enter Randomizer.exe "1" in the run before/after section in your FE setup, or from a bat file, etc. The "1" means that you want to use the information from the [Randomize1] section in the random.ini file. You can randomize more than one file by using multiple section numbers like this: Randomizer.exe "1|2|5" Submitter Tempest Submitted 12/18/2010 Category Apps & Utilities Credits Tempest
  9. View File Super Escape This SHOULD allow you to exit any emulator by pressing the 'Escape' Key, even if the emulator 'Hangs', and cannot be closed by normal methods. I say 'should', because I wasn't able to actually crash an emulator to the point that I couldn't exit normally. After you have your FE and any other support programs running, run the Super Escape program. Press and hold 'Escape' for three seconds to activate Super Escape. All processes started after Super Escape will be closed. Submitter Tempest Submitted 12/18/2010 Category Apps & Utilities Credits Tempest
  10. View File Roms in (and out of) folders. These two utilites with take your roms out of folder, and put them back again. Yes, you can even put roms in folders that were never in folders. Just put the .exe file into your root rom dir (EG: C:\emulators\snes\roms) and double-click the .exe to run it. Be careful, I accidentally double clicked one of the exe files while I was working on it, and it put all of my loose files into folders. I couldn't just use the other program to fix it, because I wanted some of my stuff in that directory left in folders. It will put every file into a folder, so if you have something in your rom directory that shouldn't be in a folder move it out, and put it back when you are done. In my case, snes has been adding a .inp file for every game to my roms folder... I added 614 PS1 games to my list, by taking them out of folders, sorting by type, and finding that I had missed an extension in my romfilter. My Grandpa used to say "You don't know what's in the pickle barrel until you get the lid off" Submitter Tempest Submitted 12/18/2010 Category Apps & Utilities Credits Tempest
  11. View File SnapShot Magician Thanks to Tempest for creating this program and sharing it with us. SnapShot Magician can be used to create videos, and screen shots for any emulator. SnapShot Magician also can create reports so that you can easily see which images are missing for your roms. Before you can use Snapshot Magician with Fraps, you will need to set the 'Folder to save movies in' to Snapshot Magician\Videos Temp, and the 'Folder to save snapshots in' to Snapshot Magician\Snap Temp. When you run ScreenShot Magician, you will see something like this: It is very easy to see the number of roms, videos, and screen shots that you have for your emulator. If you want a detailed on screen report, click 'View Report'. A second window will appear: You can then click on 'Save Report' to save the report that you are viewing. All reports are saved to the ScreenShot Magician\Reports folder. A brief description of options available in ScreenShot Magician: 1. Put a tick in the box if you want to 'Create Videos' 2. Put a tick in the box if you want to 'Create Snaphots' (You can do both videos, and snapshots, at the same time) If you put a tick in the box to 'Create Snaphots', the next two options are available: 3. 'Use Fraps' or 'Use Irfanview' You can use either program to create snapshots, but not all emulators are compatible with Fraps. 4. Put a tick in the box to 'AutoMate It!' If you select this option, ScreenShot Magician will automatically create Video / Snapshot, waiting the same amount of time (Start Delay) that you waited to take the first Video / Snapshot. 5. Put a tick in the box to 'Use Pixel Search'. If you enable this option, ScreenShot Magician will wait first for the Start Delay, and then for the area under the mouse pointer to change color, before taking the SnapShot, Video. The mouse pointer location is set when you first press the 'Start Key', so wherever the mouse is when you start the 'AutoMate It!' process is the area that is monitored 6. If your emulator is setup to use merged sets, then the next three options will become available. You can decide which region will be used for the Video / Snapshot. 7. Use the up / down arrows to Select the 'Number of Windows' that an emulator will open before taking a Video / Snapshot. This is used for emulators like Future Pinball that load multiple windows before the table is shown. Click 'OK' to start the emulator, and press the 'Start Key' ({Print Screen} by default)To start the process. Snaps will be saved in ScreenShot Magician\Snaps, and Videos will be saved in ScreenShot Magician\Videos You will have to move them to the appropriate folders, after verifying the contents. This should be done after every session with ScreenShot Magician. You can use custom scripts with SnapShot Magician. In this download, you will find a folder named 'Includes'. In that folder I have a script that I used named 'VpinMame.ahk' that I used to close the window that asks if I have the right to play the game, and some windows that asked for game settings. You can view this file as an example of what might be done to help automate the snaps process. You can write your own scripts, that will automatically be run after the game is run, but before the snap/video is taken. The script must be in the SnapShot Magician folder, and must be named 'SpecialOptions.ahk'. I have included such a file to show the usage. You can (and will want to) delete the SpecialOptions.ahk file that I provided, it does not need to be used, but can be used to provide more flexibility. If you want to use one of the files in the 'Includes' folder, Copy it to the SnapShot Magician directory, and rename it to SpecialOptions.ahk. You may also be able to use AutoScriptWriter to create scripts for use in SnapShot Magician. Options available in ScreenShot.ini: [General] StartKey=PrintScreen SkipKey=S RetryKey=R VideoKey={F9} SnapKey={F10} RecordTime=5000 Debug=0 [Emulator] TITLETEXT= SnapsFolder= VideoFolder= WorkingPath= Command= ROMPath= RomFilter= RomsInFolders= GamesIn7Zips= AlsoLaunch= SendKeys= WaitBeforeKey= LaunchBefore= LaunchAfter= ExcludedFiles= StartKey - the key to press to take a snap/start a video SkipKey - If a game crashes in an emulator, Pressing 'S' (Skip) will add the game to the excluded files list for that emulator in your ScreenShot.ini. Also, the emulator is exited cleanly, and SnapShot Magician will continue with the next game. Make sure that the VideoKey, and SnapKey match the 'capture hot keys' in Fraps RetryKey - Restart the Emulator with the same Game RecordTime - Length of time to record a video in milliseconds. (1000 milliseconds = 1 second) Debug - Set to 1 to get information if you are having an issue. TITLETEXT - System Name SnapsFolder - Folder that the existing snapshots for your emulator are in. VideoFolder - Folder that the existing videos for your emulator are in. WorkingPath - Folder that your Emulator.exe is in. Command - Command line to run a game in the emulator. Use these variables in your command: [Rom] Name if rom without extension [RomFile] Name of rom with extension [RomPath] Path to roms RomPath - A single path to where the roms are located RomFilter - list of valid rom extensions separated by commas IE: abd,def,ghi RomsInFolders - Set to True if your roms are contained in sub folders GamesIn7Zips - Set to True if your roms are in .7z format AlsoLaunch - Full path and filename to a file to launch synchronously with the emulator. SendKeys - Keys to send to emulator (helps with automation) WaitBeforeKey - Time to wait before sending keys LaunchBefore - Run this command before the game (Usually to mount an image) LaunchAfter - Run this command after the game exits (Unmount an image) ExcludedFiles - list of files to skip separated by commas IE: Game1,Game2 (Usually added by pressing 'S' in ScreenShot Magician) I included some sample ini files as an example of how to set up an emulator. When you run SnapShot Magician for the first time, an screenshot.ini file will be created for you. One final note: the terms Snapshot Magician, and ScreenShot Magician are synonymous. Download Fraps Download Irfanview Submitter Tempest Submitted 02/11/2010 Category Apps & Utilities Credits Tempest
  12. Version .03


    Perfect Match is the sequel to Skinny Match New Features include: Perfect Match has the ability to save multiple projects that will allow matching to continue from the point at which the project was previously saved. Perfect Match can rename artwork from .dat files, and .xml files. When using SoftList .xml files, Perfect Match will rename your artwork to the 'Short Name' (See Screen Shots) Instant alternate matches in the match tab using right-click. Additional settings to help with better matching. Messages can be shown normally, as tool tips, or turned off completely. A brief description of the settings tab and matching using Perfect Match
  13. Custom Built Two Player Cabinet with Marquee Monitor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PY0Qm1yuwxA Each player has a magstick plus, and 7 Electric Ice buttons. The control panel also has a Turbo Twist 2 Spinner, an Electric Ice T trackball, an Ultrastik 360 ,lighted buttons for 1P and 2P Coin / Start buttons, left / right lighted flipper buttons for pinball, plus 5 lighted 'Admin' buttons. 2 minutes after I took the video, I took the computer out of the cab, put it in a case, and voila' instant HTPC. So the cabinet is for sale, along with the original drive that holds all of the setup information. I will be asking $2500 USD but will entertain reasonable offers, keep in mind that the CP components alone were more than $1000. Very similar to Invincer's cab from Dream Authentics (DA cab didn't have a marquee monitor) in this thread. http://www.gameex.in...authentics&st=0 $750 upgrade, just for the lighted buttons. The Computer was so crappy that he replaced it. $6350 total cost. Somebody could put $1000 in sideart, and a computer, and have a nice cab for $3500. History (Why is it for sale) I spent a good deal of time on it, but mostly on the software. I had profiles for each emu to work with a game pad (there is a usb hub under the CP), and I created custom images for each emu that would display when the emu was launched that would show the controls on the secondary monitor. I used CFG Magician to create custom Mame cfg files so that various type of games would be mapped to suit my CP, and also light correctly. I was running GameEx along Marquee Magician to display images on the secondary monitor, Plugin LCD to light the correct buttons for each Mame game / Emu with the correct Mame game / Emu controller colors, and CPWizard which would display the CP image with the correct colors / labels for each Mame game / Emu controller. Finally, I used PlugInUltraStik that would switch the Ultra Stick 360 to the correct mode for each selected game - Analog, diagonal 4-way, etc for games that wouldn't be played with an 4/8 way joystick. IOW - If I chose a game to play in Mame (let's say Ajax) the right 3 buttons on the bottom for each player would light red, orange, blue, and an image of the CP would be shown with the correct buttons to be used shown in red, orange, blue along with the correct labels for each button - Machine Gun, Missle, Super Weapon My raid5 crashed, and left me with virtually no data. Fortunately all of the setup is on a separate drive, so basically just add your own computer, emulators, roms, and everything SHOULD be good to go. It took very little effort on my part to get Mame going again, and I would suspect that emulators that I had setup previously would be just as simple. All of the emulators have a custom CPanel image for each of them similar to what you see in Mame except with an overlay of a Gamepad on the image, and Logitec profiler has been setup to map the games to the control panel on the Main CP, as well as Gamepads. The hard drive would include Mame all setup as shown in the video. My hobby was always getting everything to work together in unison, I rarely played games. So when the hard drive crashed, I saw no point in collecting all of the roms and emulators again.
  14. CFG Magician Data files for Mame 0.142 uploaded.

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      Thanks tempest!

  15. Is it sad that this is the only 'New Topic' that I actually read?
  16. Format mameinfo / history 1.1 released!

  17. Format History 1.0 Released!

  18. Version 1.1


    Format mameinfo.dat / history.dat to fit your window. No more scrolling left / right to view the text. Enter the width of your display (or the width of the window) that mameinfo / history is displayed in. Enter the path to the .dat file. Your old .dat will be renamed to .dat.old, and a new .dat will be created in the same folder. If some lines are still too long, you can increase the 'Fudge Factor" to shorten the lines.
  19. It cracks me up that people complain about the price of gas, but will at the same time go inside and pay $1.25 for a quart of water. Oh yeah, and blame Obama. Every president since LBJ has been promising to do something about it. The truth is the whole government is corrupt, and pointing fingers at one person, or one party doesn't help. I'm sorry that I can not offer a real solution to the problem. I would sure like to hear some ideas though...
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