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DIY Toolkit

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DIY Toolkit


I have an assortment of over 200 manuals, mostly GBA and NDS but also of other consoles. Getting quality scans takes time: the pages and scanner (black overlay, if in use) must be wiped with microfiber every time before use so particles don't show up in the scan, the manuals have to be placed in a way that the pages aren't all over the place (damn one-staple manuals), etc. After that, the images have to be cropped manually and tilted manually so they don't appear 'off-level'. This is a lot of work for just one manual, if you care about quality. Unfortunately, I have found that I simply don't have the time to process all of these, so I've been archiving soundtracks because they take considerably less time. I decided to cut my work load in half. From now on, I will mostly be uploading my 300 dpi scan of manual pages, and anyone who cares can download them and make them into a digital manual. I will still maintain quality scans, but building them is up to you. I'll tell you how I make them.


1. Download my scans. They've already been numbered in order.

2. Create a folder for them on your Google Drive (that you can easily access) and upload them there.

3. I use the HP Smart App on my chromebook. I'm pretty sure that this service is available on a normal computer, probably. Open it and go to "Print Photos."

4. Select "Google Drive" and sign in. The Google Drive option produces lossless picture quality, unlike Google Photos. I've tested it.

5. Locate your manual folder and select a scan.

6. The scan will load. Press the circular button on the photo to begin editing. Then press "Crop"

7. Now you can tilt the scan and crop it now. Once you're done, click "Done".

8. Now click "Share" and save it to your computer. I also save these new scans my Google Drive folder just in case.

9. Once you've edited all the scans and SAVED them, it's time to build the digital booklet.

10. I personally use the JPG to PDF website in screenshot B1. You can follow the order of the screenshot for a visual guide.

11. Set "Margin" to "None".

12. Set "Page Size" to "Fit Image"

13. Leave "Page Orientation" to "Portrait" and "Image Size" to "Keep Original Size."

14. Now select "Select JPG files" and upload the new scans you saved to your computer.

15. Once they're uploaded, make sure they're in numerical order (first on top, last at the bottom). Then press "Convert to PDF."

16. The site will build you a digital booklet that you can download.

17. Then submit it here in EmuMovies, I guess. I don't really care about being credited, since you've been helping me out a lot


To try this out, I'll upload 3 sets of manual scans to get you started:

The comic book adventure Lady Sia (GBA)

The Star Fox spiritual successor Star X (GBA)

and the original Operation Genesis: Jurasic Park III Park Builder (GBA)





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