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Not happy with the sites tagline


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The last thing I really have to do Site-wise is finish the tagline.

I threw up EmuMovies - Gaming Front-End Resource, but that doesn't exactly sit right with me

We used to be EmuMovies - Video Snaps and Artwork resource, but that doesn't really encompass all thats going on.

So I throw it out there to you guys, help me with a better tagline. The person whose tagline we pick gets $20 or a free 1 year subscription to the site.

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I actually like clickaus's submission but maybe rephrased as:

EmuMovies - Bringing your Arcade to Life.

I might see about coming up with something...but got a few other things to dink around with first off.

Thx mate

Maybe instead Making\Bringing, it should be

EmuMovies - Make your Arcade come to Life.


EmuMovies - Bring your Arcade to Life.

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Emumovies - Movies for Emus.

Emumovies - A place to go when you have been banned from other sites.

Emumovies. - We are not really sure what we are about, maybe you can help us figure it out.

I'm just being silly. :-)


Life would be a whole lot easier if I had not named the site EmuMovies

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clickaus I am going with Jardavius final entry there. But since you came up with Bringing Your Home Arcade to Life im setting you up with a free year. Thanks for participating!

Awesome Mate thanks for that.

I'm really glad you like it and I hope thats OK with Jardavius

Hes fine, he already is seriously hooked up around here.

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