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  1. http://spesoft.com/news/gameex-evolution-alpha-0-1.aspx http://imgur.com/a/6hbze
  2. GameEX boyz are in the house !!!!
  3. GameEX Evolution Hype!!!!!

  4. MAME/MESS 0.158 is out!

  5. Happy New Year Everyone! MAME/MESS/UME 0.157 is released!

    1. Circo


      damn it, still not done with the last one

  6. Merry Christmas!
  7. Hello and welcome to all the new members. We look forward to seeing your cabs in action and Enjoy the site!
  8. Thanks for supporting the site and this wonderful Project. Supporting communities like GameEX, HyperSpin, & EmuMovies is well worth it IMHO Awesome things are in the works and you won't be disappointed. Stay Tuned....
  9. When time permits, if you could please update the MAME Upscaled PinCab videos that would be awesome! After running Perfect Match using the XML I created for use with PinballX I'm missing 27 airass arcadian cocoloco ddpdfk dblewing dspirt futaribl megatack musicbal p47 pepper2 promat quaterb raidendx raiden2 r2dx_v33 astropal hangplt panicr pzlestar spec2k stuntair tinv2650 wivernwg wyvernf0 hamaway solarwar
  10. new GameEX and gameex.com looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  11. GameEx version 14 * GameEx Online, part of GameEx Evolution. * For those eligible to a free upgrade to GameEx Evolution. * Access at http://online.gameex.com from any device anywhere with no configuration required. * Browse all your games by genre, company, decade and more. * Launch and exit your games in GameEx from and device. * View your favourites, the same game on other systems or have GameEx Online recommend new games for you that are popular with other users. * Shutdown and control volume and exit and start GameEx. * Full online Setup Wizard and completely configure GameEx and apply and restart. * Game cards and social media posting. * List management and database and rating editing coming soon. * Remotely stream all your videos, music and ebooks to any device at any location with no router configuration required. * Request remote assistance and send invitations to others to help and gain access. * This is a complete server solution. No router or firewall configuration required. * Access from Hong Kong, New York, or Timbuktu. * The future and will be in active development. Expect more features soon. * New GameEx Databases thanks to Flash: * Total rebuild of ScummVM database, now complete as of V1.7, to support the new ScummVMDC tool. * New ScummVM config creator included with install. * Rebuild of NES database, though needs a lot of manual editing. * Rebuild of VCS database. * Massive work on SNES database. * All other databases have had large updates and changes. * Additional databases added for many other previously un-listed systems. * New www.gameex.com completely redesigned.
  12. I've never used mala, but QMC2 parses the information correctly http://i.imgur.com/NnnA6FK.png
  13. I think I see a controller under that blanket, so you're doing things right and off to a great start ;-) Seriously though, Congrats on the new addition to the family.
  14. OK I failed to notice "MAME Upscaled PinCab Vids" on the FTP so I shall give these a look
  15. Lately I've been looking at PinballX and quickly noticed it has MAME support for displaying/launching games. http://imgur.com/TFMYi1s So I'm like, if one of my Displays will be vertical for playing Visual Pinball, then I might as well take advantage of it's MAME support and create a vertical game listing to enjoy those games on the same vertical display. http://imgur.com/9yhXFOq The setup wizard and setup process is extremely simple. There is not very much anyone can screw up trying to install this and make it work. I can even give it more eye candy if I wish by associating artwork or it also has the ability to play .wav/.mp3 files matching the game you stop at on the wheel. Anyway, if anyone cares to try out this FE that can utilize a vertical display. I've attached my current MAME.XML -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The problem with the current videos for vertical games is they were not shot either running MAME on a vertical display with Rotate option enabled OR using portrait mode instead of landscape. If this monstrous tack can be tackled, that would be wonderful MAME.zip