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  1. Sorry to have bothered. I re-downloaded the file and now it works. Thanks for the help.
  2. @phulshofdo you mind checking if bezels work for game mk2 on your end? When i access video options and change from Krackerman, asurax, Derek Moore, etc. I can't get any bezels showing for only this game. Other games work beautifully. Thanks again for all the time of assembling and converting these bezels. They really enhance the MAME playing experience.
  3. I just discovered last night all the bezels you've converted for MAME and your default horizontal/vertical artwork. I had such a fun night of gaming thanks to everything you do. I appreciate all of your work and what you post :)
  4. Thanks so much for your continued work and support to provide these packs. It's very nice of you to take your time in doing this. Very much appreciated :)
  5. I've extracted all the packs and everything is looking really good. Having a minor issue getting software lists working on windows however. I know I've read that you use Linux, so I'm aware of that. It looks like from the log RetroFE is sending the following to MAME: [2017-09-19 18:14:39] [INFO] [Launcher] Attempting to launch: "J:\MAME\mame64.exe" snes -cart "" when it needs to send only the machine + setname mame64 snes ctrigger It looks like "%ITEM_FILEPATH%" should be something else, but I am unsure what to put there. contents of Super Nintendo Entertainment System.conf executable = J:\MAME\mame64.exe arguments = snes -cart "%ITEM_FILEPATH%"
  6. Thanks so much! Doing those steps enabled MAME games to show along with artwork in RetroFE. Thanks so much for the quick reply. I just need to get the keys set to my N64 pad and I'll download the packs for the other systems as well to see if it can handle other simple systems with software lists. Thank You again
  7. Thanks phulshof for providing all these packs. I'm confused about a few things in getting this running. My current MAME setup functions with many different front-ends as well as command-line, so I'm all ready to go with complete sets. I'm using windows 10 X64 and my MAME path is J:\MAME My rompath in mame.ini is J:\MAME ROMs (T7Z-Merged);J:\MAME CHDs;J:\MAME Software List ROMs (T7Z-Merged);L:\MAME SOFTWARE LIST CHDs I've extracted RetroFE to location J:\RetroFE I wish to use my current MAME as it is without using the MAME 0.188 emulator package I don't seem to have a menu.txt and the folder named launchers.windows is an empty folder. How exactly do I tell RetroFE where my mame folder is and where my roms are at?
  8. GameEX Evolution Hype!!!!!

  9. MAME/MESS 0.158 is out!

  10. Happy New Year Everyone! MAME/MESS/UME 0.157 is released!

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      damn it, still not done with the last one

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