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New member: daowizard


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Quick introduction: my project for next year is to build a two players bartop, using a PC & hyperspin. 

I am slowly discovering emumovies and hyperspin, and still struggling with what work will be needed to get emulators, roms, videos, hyperspin menu, to work with my bartop & players button. Or how to link media and roms, ...

I have seen a few posts about "dont buy ready-made HDD with hyperspin and medias", and will try to setup things on my own, with limited time (main focus is on work, kids, martial arts, and moving to new place...). 


Wish me luck :) ... Project ETA: summer 2017 hopefully...

Please bear with me.

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hi -- putting my project on hibernation mode while moving to new house...still not sure how to configure hyperspin and all the medias, ...

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Moving is rough, my built cabinet did not transfer well...sigh

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I'm differently thinking about building a cabinet soon, be a fun little project.

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