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  1. I built a standing arcade cabinet with my old man, it was easier than i thought but still a challenge, if i had any advice it would be to be sure of the size, and think ahead..I moved and sadly didnt have space for the cabinet...
  2. Welcome! nothing like the love of video games to bring us together!
  3. Red from Transistor Vincent FF7 ProtoMan , I like the red characters haha
  4. Also show us what you build!! We would love to see
  5. I looooooooooooooooveeeee launchbox, been out of the game for a while but i used alot of Hyperspin and just love the simplicity yet really killer look of LB
  6. I use Big Box now, but dont Regret HP, yeah..it was pretty tough at first but overall it did the job right. I still recommend , juuuuuuuusst not as much as Big Box haha
  7. I went from 1 year to probably Life time , i would recommned lifetime, things are always changing and getting better
  8. Welcome to the community, we are all excited on what you are going to create !
  9. Just needs some flash and we are back to the 90's haha, ii love how far its come
  10. the pics where not loading for me, but i respect the Bar top model, i built a standing cabinet.and its like having a second fridge inside the house, or coffin...i might have gone smaller but still cool non the less
  11. Good job! No bots allowed...only humans,,,like me...I am a human...
  12. I havent bought any Vr yet, but i have gone to like a PC cafe, where you can use the VIVE, pretty impressive, but dont have the dosh for one yet
  13. I really love Launch Box, so i moved onto Big Box, the customization and community is just great
  14. well...gonna need way more powerful stuff inside my pc then what i have now..
  15. Welcome! you will have a great time here
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