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CRC-32 Renamer - Alpha 3


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Okay here is a Alpha build of the CRC-32 Renamer app that I've been working on. I have like one more feature I"m looking to add...but other wise I think its down to tweaking a few things in the GUI provided you guys don't find any issues...or come up with some suggestions that I can incorporate.

It currently doesn't support renaming a single direct folder...but ideally will in the near future, it also doesn't support GoodMerge or other multi-part roms (ISO+MP3)...this maybe supported in the future but there are no plans for it currently.

Now it will read & convert based off of ClrMamePro , RomCenter and OffLineList DAT \ XML files. OffLineList renames strictly to CRC-32 at which point you can use a ClrMamePro or RomCenter DAT to rename to Long Name.

Now this does support renaming multiple asset folders at once...and it doesn't care what file extension an asset has...if its primary name matches up...it gets renamed.

DAT's & XML's must be unarchived to be read by the app.

Be sure for now that you ARE USING DUPLICATES of your files!! DO NOT USE ON ORIGINAL FILES FOR NOW!! hehe it is an Alpha after all. :morning2:

Now if you have a collection of files that looks like this:

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\Manual\

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\Roms\

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\Snaps\

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\Titles\

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\Videos\

You would set the Source to:

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\

If you so like you can use the same folder for the Target path as it will prefix CRC_ to the folder names, like so:

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\CRC_Manual\

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\CRC_Roms\

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\CRC_Snaps\

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\CRC_Titles\

Z:\Emulation\Assets\[Console] Sega Genesis\CRC_Videos\

Anyways lets try to do a dry run though this.

First off make sure you are using a DAT that matches your currently named sets, if at all possible.

Set your Source & Target Paths, then in settings select:

Name CRC-32

File Move

Missing Log

Then Click "Start" at this point a lot of the GUI will be disabled...now depending on the shear number of folders & files involved this maybe quick or fairly slow...but once the process is complete you'll receive a dialog telling you as much.

Now check your original folders sizes...or simply look inside them...ideally they should be empty...if not please create a new folder called "New Folder" :P and cut and paste all the folders that still have something in them into that folder. You can delete or leave the empty ones present...doesn't really matter as they will be recreated here shortly.

Now if you look in the CRC_* folders you may see a "_Missing.txt" this contains the Long Names & CRC-32 Names of assets you are missing per folder.

Anyways lets see about putting things back together for use with a FE.

Grab the latest DAT file for your rom set & unarchive it and load it into the application. Now depending on if you used the same folder for Source & Target you may just leave them alone...or you didn't use the same...you'll now have to reverse the paths.

In the Settings area select the following:

Name Long

File Move

Missing Log

Click Start...wait for the dialog...check your CRC_* folders...they should be empty except for the _Missing.txt if one was created at all. Now in your new non CRC_* folders if you look in there...you should see everything looking all pretty...and a new _Missing.txt which should have the same matching contents as the one that was in the same named CRC_* folder.

Now delete your CRC_* folders.

Now if you have the room...instead of moving files out of the CRC_* folders...you may want to opt for copy...that way in the future you can skip out on some hassle...plus not having to worry about keeping a soon to be old DAT.

Anyways looking forward to folks comments good and bad.

** Update 1 **

Removed CRC Names from the ListView...makes it look less nasty.

App now excludes folders that contain "roms" or an underscore "_" in them with the exception of CRC_* named folders. :)

Now automatically copies DAT to processed Folders.

** Update 2 **

Added Direct Folder processing condition...basically no sub folders...then process files within the Source folder.


EmuMovies CRC-32 Renamer.rar

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Do to lack of interest by the community this software is now officially bitrot.

Source is now included in the archive attached...and it is now wiped off my hard drive.

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That's a shame. For whatever reason, there does not seem to be a lot of people willing to beta test, or use new software here. I can only assume that the people that come to this site come here only for the artwork, and have no interest in the technical side of things.

It's a little late for me to ask, but I was thinking that if the artwork was also named with CRC names, that there would be no need for matching tools like Fat Match/Skinny Match. Worse case scenario, if matching needed to be done, Skinny match could always match the file names 100%.

I hope that you don't get discouraged, although sometimes it is hard not to...

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Well I got 6 or so downloads which actually given the activity of the board isn't bad...lots of members...but not a lot of folks chit chatting.

Your right, most are here for the assets...not for the creation and maintaining of the assets...which I'm guilty of as well...I have no problem tinkering with stuff to improve development...but I have yet to step up to the plate and actually contribute assets.

I might see about bending Circo's ear on CRC32 naming again...I'm not sure how out of date my old dat's are...if there isn't to much change I might change everything over to CRC with Circo's blessing that I can. I'm fairly sure I can just rename stuff in place rather than re-uploading everything.

Well even with CRC naming there is still a place for those tools...for one folks don't normally create assets with CRC naming to start with...if they are using a program to assist in creation then proper long names are used...other wise folks will tend to use semi descriptive long names...thats when Fat/Skinny Match come into play...as they would get proper long names...then converting to CRC is painless.

Plus there are always sets like Tosec Dreamcast where there is no single binary to match to...so CRC naming is never going to be possible...and Tosec is always changing up the names...so CRC naming is limited in scope to older cart based games...which it works awesome for...but as we progress to newer console systems...which are typically multi binaries...CRC naming becomes irrelevant.

Well dropping the project had actually more to do with personal life...however realistically I'm not getting feed back or requests...and it does what I need it to do...so I'm really at a dead end unless something else comes to mind somehow.

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6 downloads? That's twice as many as I have for Skinny Match! (I need a clever remark to put here, but I can't think of one.)

As for your personal life, I hope that it is good things that are distracting you, and nothing bad.

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Well you never know this site is still growing and I think it has a long way to go. But I understand the busy part. I have to beg borrow and steal to get time myself the last few months. You never know, I do like the idea of CRC naming, maybe when we all have more time on our hands this can be revisited.

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Tempest -

Well I probably got that many because I tagged Circo's site name to the app...so I probably got good will downloads. ;p

As for personal...it was a huge comedy \ tragedy of errors with the little lady...I wouldn't believe it except for the fact I lived through it...things are better by far now post...but I'm not sure were all this stuff is going to land in the grand scheme of things...this stuff had nothing to do with it...and isn't an issue....but it may still become collateral damage.

Circo -

Well I got my son moving back in for a while, plus one of my cousins has moved in for a while...so I'll likely try and get them busy with odds and ends since they seem to have a lot more time on their hands than I do...and they also enjoy this stuff as well...plus when you have a group of folks working on a project things move very fast and everyone feels satisfied as goals are met quickly.

Well its not critical at all to use CRC32 naming on the ftp...as long as we have a matching DAT uploaded with the assets...as then we can go from long to CRC then back to long with a newer DAT. Using CRC32 on the ftp just sames the end users on transition is all...however seeing CRC32 names seems intimidating to most...and probably more important to you...less desirable...as folks have no clue what games are covered just by looking at the assets.

Anyways yeah we'll have to visit this topic later on...but right now there just doesn't seem to be any interest in it...at least judging from the downloads here.

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I'm actually pretty hot on the CRC idea, even for the FTP. My problem is I just dont have the available time to test. I have to be honest I have your projects on a white board to get to but it just hasnt happened. What we need are a few users to really put this stuff through their paces. If we could gather some solid beta testers for apps like skinny match, CRC renamer, and your encoding package I am more than happy to reward with upgraded status and maybe even upgrades to lifetime.

We have a community now and some passionate users. Anyone feel like playing with software and helping take this stuff to the next level in terms of ease of use and output increases?

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I finally got the chance to use this, super fast, incredibly awesome!!!

I'll have to add this to the downloads section, very good work, I would hate for this to be lost.

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LOL well its good some one has finally tried it. :)

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For what it does its extremely simple and quick to use.

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I have been using this for a few days and I am really happy with it. Would it be possible for it to make a renaming batch file to include with the pack? IE Long File Name to CRC or CRC to Long File Name.

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Yeah I could add that functionality...give me a few days and I'll see if I can whip something up.

Anyways good to see it being put to good use.

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First of: Good Program, fast and reliable, works well with the image packs I downloaded from elsewhere (dont know if I should mention that site, but its No-intro Screenshot archive, which delivers in CRC naming style). On that site you also have the No-Intro Image Renamer, which covers a broader renaming area, but I prefer this program, because it works faster, is easier and doesnt crash if you make a mistake. Oh and it remembers folders which I used which I always like (maybe thats just luck or something, but worth mentioning).

I am kinda new to this whole emulation thing and Im trying to get all the artwork of also the older consoles/systems together. I found out that that is harder than it sounds.. Different naming, different sites, missing images, not really clear where I should be/look/download, programs are hard to use, for newbies like me (like ClrMamePro etc..), etc. etc. On the No-Intro screenshot archive I found a few image packs where I was looking for, but they were in CRC naming and not in my desired "long naming" (for Front End usage, its indeed more clear what is what than CRC naming). So Im using your program to "translate" all those images... Im no computer genius, so thank you for doing this stuff..

1 thing I should mention, to improve this wonderful piece of work; Could you put in an abort or cancel button? It takes a lot of time for the program to say which images are missing, and if all of them are missing, because you made a mistake by clicking on the wrong folder, it runs till it is done..

And if the DAT file is wrong (as it is with the NES dats I found) it also keeps on running for a looonngg time.

About that problem, dont know if this is the right place to ask, but I found out that all the CRC names in the NES .dat file are wrong (maybe I got the wrong NES dats.. downloaded 3 different ones, all wrong). The long names seem to be all right, but the CRC code seems to be falls (if this is a stupid fault of me please say so, its kinda annoying that those dont work). For the rest of theconsoles I did so far, everything works great!

Oh and if my image collecting strategy could be easier, I would be glad to hear something about that too :dash2:

Thanks again and hope you keep up the good work,


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zhen -

Sorry for the late reply.

Should I pickup interest in this again I'll see about adding the features you requested...however right now it's abandoned...and I got a few other projects that are in greater need of updates...and are used by a much greater user base.

I'll take another look at "No-Intro Image Renamer" to see what stuff I'm missing to be on par with it.

Far as other places to look for images...I'll get back to you with a complete list of where I have gone hunting...but for now try using OffLineList and collecting some OffLineList DAT's for use with it...I'll attach a collection to get you started. Extract them into ".\OfflineList 0.7.3 beta2\datas\". Be sure to delete what ones you dont' wish to use...and be sure to also update them...as I think a few of them attached are rather dated.

Well best of luck.

OffLineList DAT\'s.rar

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