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Attention Hotmail Users


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If you are signing up with a hotmail account you need to add [email protected] to your safe senders list. I have no idea why this is being blocked. I moved the email to mandrill about 6 months ago and our reputation is excellent. If you use another email service such as Yahoo or Gmail it is suggested that you use that email instead of Hotmail. I am attaching a link to an excellent Wikihow article on how to add an email to your safe senders list. If you are still having issues with the registration process please submit a support ticket.

How To Add Approve Senders To Hotmail

Click here to view the article

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Added to safe sender list, thanks for the heads up.  Btw, was still receiving emails from you guys using hotmail before doing this, not sure if it blocks for everyone?

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gotta love Microsoft forefront protection in the cloud if they use the same spam engine as office 365.  I did not enjoy tweaking this SPAM engine for the year I supported it.

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