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  1. This site is awesome and I have been learning pretty fast but one question has me stumped! There are different groups that have backup collections i.e.: no-intro, trurip, redump, etc... Question is they all have different names/headers for their backups, but what group is used to compile the XML database (or vice versa). I want Snyc to pull the correct artwork but I cannot figure out which collection is the best to have to ensure accuracy.,..... Of course the alternative is to backup all my games myself, but that would be another monster......... any help or pointing in the right direction would be appreciated!!
  2. looking great ecb116. the antique feel is a nice touch
  3. No responses Circo did I post this correctly? or are the candidates for voting just outdated? lol
  4. Also see thanks jackhammersalm
  5. NICE!!!!! This is exactly the typr of info I was trying to discover. Thanks jackhammersalm
  6. ?? good question and good to know,. seems like LaunchBox lacks clarity with their advertising!
  7. Im gonna list that as my second because I sure hell did waste a lot of quarters also!
  8. I wasscratching my head when I saw all the posts myself. thought it was just an asian community who took part...LOL!
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