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Mega Man: Unlimited (PC 2013)


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So for those interested, after 5 years in developement, Mega Man: Unlimited is finally here. You can get it at the link below.




If your an old school Mega Man fan. I seriously recomend you grab this. After all, you wont be seeing any new Mega Man content from Capcom any time soon. This is a really well-made fan game for PC. Not a ROM hack. Enjoy!


EDIT: Video Snap for this title up on the FTP. Thanks Circo!

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For those interested, this game has been updated with a crap ton of bug fixes and other tweaks as well as two new modes, including "easy mode". You can get it from the link above or from my folder on the FTP.





  • Added Easy Mode and Insta-Kill Mode
  • Misc level modifications based on your feedback
  • Added checkpoints before Castle bosses in all difficulty
  • Any button can now skip cutscenes
  • Added possibility to exit from completed stage
  • Fixed gamepads relying on the ‘hat’ for DPad (Xbox360, others)
  • Fixed glitch allowing megaman to zip through walls using certain platforms (Glue, others)
  • Fixed JetMan staying stuck in the ground occasionally
  • Fixed issue when pausing during a sceen transition
  • Allow the player to save after completing the game
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This looks good gonna download it and give it a tryout, thanks for the info.


No problem! So I gave this one a play through. Overall, it's a great game as I've already said but I just can't see 5 years in development... guess I was expecting more. Also, the latest version makes my PC "HUM" like crazy... it's really a resource hog as far as I'm concerned, and I'm playing on an Intel Core i3... so play with caution unless your running a more powerful CPU.

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