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  1. This was finished long ago, as I recall from the photos at the .uk site. I believe he mentioned this earlier in the thread, but issues with site upgrades here at the time gave him the incentive to move it elsewhere. My guess is being done with the project doesn't give him a lot of reason to revisit these so he may not even be aware.
  2. Site looks good! It appears you're entering into the home stretch with the all so fun part of finishing.
  3. 14.68 has been released based on feedback received in regards to how the wheel interacts on 4:3 displays.
  4. 14.67 has been released. Fixes to the MAME list update, and Supermodel Model 3 emulator is an additional integrated arcade system.
  5. GameEx Arcade Edition 14.66 is out. This addresses issues with NEO-GEO games, so if you're a fan of these you're going to want to update.
  6. GameEx Arcade Edition 14.66 is out. Tom did some bug squashing in regards to Neo-Geo games not showing correctly, and also addressed some display concerns. Per the news post: Improvements and fixes to MAME list update. Ensures only arcade games are listed now. Fixes some games missing including Neo-Geo. Cosmetic and layout improvements to GameEx Arcade Edition running at 640x480 and at 4:3 aspect Updated MAME support files.
  7. Looks fantastic Tom, can't wait to see this showing up on youtube running on people's cabs!
  8. Sweet! I haven't checked in for quite some time, but fortunately did in time to catch your project. Great work!
  9. That cab looks really nice. I don't run hyperspin, but with a socket 755 motherboard you have upgrade options processor wise from your current one, should it be needed. The only thing you may run into running consoles on the cab is some awkwardness with the controls. I would suggest you look at some controller options, and get what you're most comfortable with. The XBox 360 controller, both wired and wireless work well, but their not the best match for every console. I'm not familiar with that kit,and I don't know who is the manufacturer of the buttons and sticks, ideally I would think Happ at a minimum for hardware. The i-pac is a solid product, I've been very happy with mine. You've started something alright, but you'll never be finished. You'll meet some truly great people involved in this hobby, which alone makes it all worth it! Good luck, and keep us posted with your progress!
  10. I hear ya, I grew up (well ) with these games too! Aside from what help you get elsewhere, the forums for each of those respective frontends have members that will gladly help you with your journey. Riffman's suggestion of taking it slow and step by step is a good one, as you are a lot less likely to get stuck in a maze of confusion. Good luck, and have fun!
  11. Each frontend is a bit different from the others in where things go. I don't use MA, and honestly it hasn't been supported in years, to my knowledge. Recently it was somewhat resurrected, but apparently not to the level where it is seeing new releases. That said, good chance the lack of responses is at least somewhat due to this. I don't want to appear to be bashing MA, but good chance this is going to require some patience and persistence on your part to get going. I don't think MA supports mp4 format, so you'll need to convert your set to what will work with MA. As for the other files, have you looked at your directory structure? On most of the frontend's I've experimented with, many time you'll see folders named for appropriately for the content, marquee, cabinet, etc..... Some googling will likely gain you quite a bit of assistance with setup. Give your thread some time to gain traction, not everybody logs in everyday, and I'm sure there are some MA users that are probably willing to comment. What Riffman said!
  12. Your running GameEx as your front end, correct? Configure the down-loader within the setup wizard, and it takes care of this for you.
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