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  1. i would like to give this a try, but the tutorial seems a bit old now, is this still the best settings and same tools to try this out with or is there newer better ways to do this.
  2. i always give this a read, good info and well written, looking forward to the next update thanks for all the effort you put into this jackhammersalm.
  3. This looks good gonna download it and give it a tryout, thanks for the info.
  4. I'm not interested in them there just set top boxes that you can play games on now, there getting further and further away from being a games console, smart TV's and PC's can do all the other stuff.
  5. nice work circo thank you i just finished down loading all the old ones 2 days ago as well, will i need to download all of these again or are there just certain ones been renewed or added, if so can you list whats been upped/updated.
  6. Thanks imgema, think i'll just wait then and see how the updates go for it, not much point in messing about with it if theres not much improvement in it
  7. Has anybody tried Project64 v.2.0, is it any better, i'm seeing a lot of mixed reactions to it just wondering if i should just stick to 1.6.
  8. I like Hyperspin looks really good even tho it takes a bit of work to get there, looking forward to Hyperspin 2 when it comes out i'm sure it'll look amazing just hope it's a bit more user friendly.
  9. hi all i've been using emulators on & of for a number of years now (i even remember seeing some of circos work when he first started) usually when i get in the mood to play some of my favourite oldies. Just started messing about with Hyperspin (wow gets really adictive trying to set up a perfect system) and your movies really bring a great front end to life, great work Circo and all the staff who contribute to this great project
  10. well here's my first post, so hope to get to 20 someday and improve my download limit
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