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  1. That is a great idea! Have a few laptops laying around collecting dust lol
  2. Thanks for the info Riff! Love me some Mega Man!!!!!
  3. In continuing the posts on "favorite beat em ups" and and "favorite video game character", what game do you think you've logged the most hours on? I think for me it's probably a wash between Street Fighter 2 (with friends) and Final Fantasy III (solo play)
  4. I got an atari 7800 for my 5th Birthday along with Asteroids and Pole Position
  5. What's the cost on a build like this?
  6. It looks like it might be a little more user friendly on the creating of themes and layouts over hyperspin.
  7. Yeah I'll have to agree on Battletoads. I still have yet to beat that game
  8. Greetings from Michigan City, Indiana! I've been into emulation and playing classic video games since i was a kid running nesticle on windows 3.1 HA!. I was amazed back then that i could fit like 8 or 9 NES games on a 3.5 floppy lol. Anyway, I just started getting back into it and am absolutely amazed at how far it has come. Looking forward to building a FE computer for my entertainment center so that my kids can enjoy the good ole games of yesteryear with dad and i can school them in some R.C. Proam. Great site from what I've seen so far!!!
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