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Incorrectly named psx rom filenames


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Hi folks,


OK - so have some psx roms (.bin) named in the following format:


"Metal Gear Solid (E) (Disc 1) [sLES-01370]"


So, I learn that this isn't compatible with Emumovies naming convention.


Followed this guide here (how to use clrmame to rename):




Firstly, clrmame seems inordinatley complex.


Secondly, it didn't seem to register my roms - at end of scan process - all i got was a list of "didn't haves" (full count) - didn't ask if I wanted to rename roms.


Now, not looking for a full set of roms - just selected.


Is there not an easy way to do this? Say a piece of software that would scan the filename - x-ref with a .dat or xml file + on user verification or manual x-ref'ing - change the file name?


It looks like there's no no-intro' dat files for psx yet. Have downloaded the hyper xml file - but also read somewhere else that although the game name's in - the correct file name isn't?


PLease help! All was going so well until I entered into the era of PS1 + beyond!



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no-intro doesn't catalog disc systems. What dat file did you use? Redump? If so most likely your images are old single bin/cue dumps and the CRCs won't match the ones from redump, you'll also need different cue files since by renaming the bin files your cues will be pointing to the wrong files.

There's a tool from NoLogic in the downloads section that should assist you on that.


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HI folks - thanks for the responses.


I now know not to bother with clrmame for psx roms - ty!


Regarding the dat file - used the psx hyperlist xml from here:




the roms are just a single .bin file. No .cue files.


What are CRC's and also, what's a redump??


Wow - this whole area is just so esoteric + just seems to get progressively more complex. I should just pull out my old psx and discs!


thanks for the steer - will check it out.#




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No, this one:



But if you don't have cue files forget about it, I'm not sure how you'll be running multiple audio track games without cue files though. Personally I would download a properly dumped set like redump's (redump.org is a dumping group btw).


But you can always try renaming your files with some fuzzy match program like this one:



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@ brolly -


Well he could try using the CUE's from Redump...would have to manually edit them for the most part...as Redump typically does multi binary dumps rather than a single binary...however even after the edits...one would be left guessing if all tracks were in fact dumped...and if so...in what chunk size and/or endian.


You are right however...getting a new set would be the better option.



@ stigzler -


With Bins without Cue's...probably about 70% or more will play okay, but you'll be lacking audio sound tracks in most of those...others will be glitchy...and yet some will fail part way through.


With such a set...you will not know if it's just poor emualtion, your settings, or a bad disc...mainly you will be looking at a lot of hair pulling...and if you are like me...there isn't much left so spare on such stuff. :(

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Thanks chaps. I used to have hair before started this arcade cab malarky!


The above looks useful. Had a look at the redump site, but bit puzzled.


Firstly - to be clear, am trying to find images/roms/dumps (or whichever the most accurate) of discs I own....


So - can't see how to download the full 'rom' of a game - only the cue's or (?) equivalent - SV5, MD5.


+ if i do - will redump's filenames tally up with emumovies and gameex?


Sorry if I'me missing some point or just not getting it...


Cheers for the replies



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Well, I think getting the cue files only is out of question, there would be a lot of issues with using them and to get them working would require a lot of editing and, don't take this wrong, but you don't seem to be very comfortable with this so I'd advice against doing it.

If what you want is dumps for the games you own then why don't you dump them yourself? Would save you a lot of trouble, just get CloneCD and you should be fine.

If you do get the redump sets yeah most of them should match the emumovies video names (have no clue about GameEx), but some will probably still require some editing.


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errr... OK Nologic... guessing I made the social faux pas of choosing the wrong front end or something :/


Thanks brolly - i will have to brave my loft, although a mining hat and gps locator may be needed!


I shall continue to hunt for the relevant redump files in the meantime, although transpiring to be just as challenging as my loft!


Thanks for your help and take care too, Nologic.



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Yeah GameEx would be the wrong FE to mention to me...any other would have been fine. :)


I use to be one of the top contributers there:



However that fuck tard headkaze aproached me one day with the fact he was writing a new FE, and he wanted me to do the graphic interface...which was suppose to be a direct clone of the xBox 360 interface...now if you notice I'm from Seattle and where is Microsoft...oh yeah Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond...matter fact at the time I lived just 3 miles south of the main Microsoft campus.


So not only did he want me to do professional leval work that is a rip of a company that is in my backyard almost literally, but he wanted me to do it for free. I took offense here on a few things, one thinking I would betray Tom, next that I would do pro work for free and lastly that I'm an idiot to rip off the work of a company that could walk to my place during lunch and serve me court papers.


headkaze then got all sucidale on me and threatening to ban me from the GX forum...anyways at the end of the day you can see that I got banned and headkaze is still a member there...not sure who is blowing who.


However if you ever have question about the morality of Tom and headkaze, just look at the fact my post there along with hundreds of others are still there...even after I have asked countless times for them to be removed.


So being a GameEx user...you already got more help out of me than you should just for the fact those posts still exist.


Again this is nothing against you personally, but there is a back story that is influncing things.

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So I'm going to steer off topic for a second before veering wildly and drunkenly back to the topic at hand.  Let it not be said that every word out of nullPointer's mouth is superfluous nonsense (just the 99%   ;)).  I feel like I need to provide a brief counterpoint to Nologic's thoughts on Tom, Ben, and GameEx in general as I think it reflects one person's experience and is in no way a common consensus   I'm not trying to step into an argument for which I wasn't privy nor would I want to start a flame war, but I do consider Tom and Ben to be friends.  I've known both of those guys for a while, and I've never seen either of them exhibit behavior befitting a "fuck tard".  In my experience they've both shown values reflecting a very high set of moral standards.  I know personality conflicts exist and relationships go sour, but when it gets to a level of name calling no one wins (and those hurt the most are the ones who erroneously make judgments against people they don't even know).  Lest anyone doubt Tom's commitment and dedication to the scene let's not forget the contributions he's made to this community (and by that fact to the entire frontend community - fanboy-ism aside).  And Ben has written what many consider to be the best MAME compiler out there (as well as numerous other utilities).  So hopefully I'm not stepping in it too hard, but I just wanted to provide some counterpoint to the sordid tale presented above.
Any hoo ...

+ if i do - will redump's filenames tally up with emumovies and gameex?
Sorry if I'me missing some point or just not getting it...
Cheers for the replies

+1 on all previous comments related to redump.  As far as GameEx goes you have a couple of options.  I really like relying on the GameEx databases to match up my ROM/image names.  Most of them are already pre-configured and ready to roll, no extra effort needed.  The Playstation DB (located at ... \GameEx\DATA\EMULATORS\[Console] Sony Playstation.db3) contains a column for ReDump naming conventions.  If you need to modify the database you can use one of the tools mentioned here.  
Your other option would be to simply use a map file, at which point you have a very high degree over how your games display in GameEx,  There are several tools available to assist you in the creation of map files should that prove to be the preferable option.  Good luck stigzler!

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High moral standards...why are my posts still on that forum when it would take all of 1min to delete everything I ever posted?


Tom out side of keeping my posts & stabbing me in the back hasn't been real bad.Tom has supported the community a bit.


So have I...enjoy Tosec DC USA at all? How about the vid's done here over the past year or two...as I've done a lot of automation scripts to make Circo's activities a lot easier. Ever use stuff from AntoPISA...done a lot of stuff for him as well.


I have probably a good hundred tools and loaders or more for the emulation community as a whole, all of which has been free...I've given thousands of hours worth of help for free. Granted Circo once gifted me with some nice toys...outside of that...I haven't gotten shit.


So here I've done all this work...spent thousands on games to dump for the community...and I have no hope of ever truly being compensated...I have no plan of financial gain...yet Tom sales GameEx...and HK gets a kick back on that, plus asks for donations for his softs. hmm


I got banned mainly because I wasn't a Mod...a position I refused months prior...so since HK was mod and I wasn't...I got the boot, even though Tom agreed with my side of things.


Headkaze...outside of what I mentioned above also used some of my art work for sometime in his control panel app...it wasn't till after public pressure was applied that he finally stopped packaging them.


Lets see he also repeatedly snagged on work done by Tempest and more or less claimed it as his own, without proper credit. Tell me do you see Tempest much over on the forums there? He use to be a major contributer there along with Mod...course thanks to HK...he's more or less left and isn't nearly as active in the community.


HK wrote a compiler...really...I didn't know he is the author of GCC...I'm sure a few hundred individuals would like to say otherwise. He simply wrote a automation routine...nothing impressive there. I do that shit all the time.


Oh lets not forget HK slandering me by stating that I distribute malware...odd most people don't classify malware as something that detects if something is loaded in memory..and if so fails to execute. Hence my loaders for various emulators...if they found GameEx running..they wouldn't launch the emulator. No damage to anyone system...hehe maybe some frustration...but if I recall most of them if not all of them had notice that they wouldn't work with GameEx...so...malware how...exactly?


Hell HK was one of the driving forces for frequency giving up his Mod status...yeah HK is a great guy.

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