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  1. This is awesome Circo! Thanks for all the hard work!
  2. So I'm going to steer off topic for a second before veering wildly and drunkenly back to the topic at hand. Let it not be said that every word out of nullPointer's mouth is superfluous nonsense (just the 99% ). I feel like I need to provide a brief counterpoint to Nologic's thoughts on Tom, Ben, and GameEx in general as I think it reflects one person's experience and is in no way a common consensus I'm not trying to step into an argument for which I wasn't privy nor would I want to start a flame war, but I do consider Tom and Ben to be friends. I've known both of those guys for a while, and I've never seen either of them exhibit behavior befitting a "fuck tard". In my experience they've both shown values reflecting a very high set of moral standards. I know personality conflicts exist and relationships go sour, but when it gets to a level of name calling no one wins (and those hurt the most are the ones who erroneously make judgments against people they don't even know). Lest anyone doubt Tom's commitment and dedication to the scene let's not forget the contributions he's made to this community (and by that fact to the entire frontend community - fanboy-ism aside). And Ben has written what many consider to be the best MAME compiler out there (as well as numerous other utilities). So hopefully I'm not stepping in it too hard, but I just wanted to provide some counterpoint to the sordid tale presented above. Any hoo ... +1 on all previous comments related to redump. As far as GameEx goes you have a couple of options. I really like relying on the GameEx databases to match up my ROM/image names. Most of them are already pre-configured and ready to roll, no extra effort needed. The Playstation DB (located at ... \GameEx\DATA\EMULATORS\[Console] Sony Playstation.db3) contains a column for ReDump naming conventions. If you need to modify the database you can use one of the tools mentioned here. Your other option would be to simply use a map file, at which point you have a very high degree over how your games display in GameEx, There are several tools available to assist you in the creation of map files should that prove to be the preferable option. Good luck stigzler!
  3. Fantastic update Tom! Thanks so much for this awesome enhancement.
  4. Thanks for all your hard work on this set Circo!
  5. Thanks Circo! This is shaping up to be a great set. Looking forward to seeing this one develop!
  6. Awesome update Circo. Thanks for your hard work man!
  7. Hi flatoutjosh! Welcome to the best source of video game and emulation related artwork resources on the face of the planet! I guess your initial question is a bit broad, so I'm not sure where exactly to start. I'll start with some really bare bones basic stuff: First, you've made a great choice in choosing GameEx (I may be a bit biased ). Here's why: GameEx will automatically scan your rom directories and download the corresponding artwork packs from EmuMovies (at least insofar as your EmuMovies acount will allow). Bada bing ... bada boom ... done. This functionality is very similar in function to XBMC (if you're familiar with that software). This downloaded artwork should automatically display in GameEx with very little intervention on your part. Having said that I'd strongly encourage you to become a member over at the GameEx forums. The crew over there is very helpful and can help you with any questions you have specific to GameEx. Who knows? Maybe you won't need assistance. All the same it's nice to know you've got some backup should you encounter any problems. Good luck flatoutjosh! Feel free to post back with any specific questions you might have. Believe me, we all had many of the same questions when we were starting out.
  8. Thanks Circo and Tom for this awesome functionality! You guys rock!
  9. Wow, that really is distressing news Circo. I'm sorry to hear that some rogue users were abusing this wonderful resource to such a degree. It's a real bummer that some supposed gaming enthusiasts have such little respect for the hobby. Thanks for all that you and the rest of the EmuMovies team do Circo!
  10. What an awesome update! Keep up the great work you guys!
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