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.mp4 and Maximus Arcade....


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You can use the EmuMovies converter to convert the files to your favourite format

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Ahh, didn't realize there was a converter...


I just installed the KLite codec pack, then performed "ren *.mp4 *.avi" from a command line...


Ended up fixing my problem, I appreciate your reply. I'll check out the converter as well.


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I've read hyperspin doesn't like it if you just rename vids and can lock up, not sure if it's the same with Maximus.

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You can also use our converter, its very fast on the avi conversion as its just a container change.  It's too bad Maximus is dead and no longer receiving updates.  We here at emumovies had to move on....

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Hi all, fisrt of all sorry for my bad english itsn't my native language. I'm spanish.


For all people who want MP4 support, Maximus arcade already support it.


Just a little trick: rename all mp4 files to avi.    :thumbsup:


Use a batch renaming script and rename extension of files in seconds.


Renaming scripts in attached files. Just place in your flv's folder and double click on it.


If you want to convert your FLV files to MP4:


Container: MP4


Video codec: H264


Audio codec: LC-AAC OR HE-AAC (I recommend HE-AAC)


IMPORTANT: If audio codec is HE-AAC V2  the result is that in maximus arcade will have no sound.


When finished rename all files to .avi


I have my videos working with this trick.


I hope this will useful for you guys.



RENAMING AVI-MP4 scripts.rar

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