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  1. I clearly need to invest in some larger drives! It's not so much about the drivespace, downloading 200gig+ for the CHD's can be an issue with download or ratio restrictions. I found an application called "duplicates finder", I put a list of all working CHD's into a text file and used the tool to compare that with my hyperspin MAME database. Duplicates finder just showed me the common game names in both files...6 gig of CHD's (excluding cliffhanger and area51) rather than a whole lot more. But yeah...I know I could of made this easier for myself!
  2. A shame to hear you're having probs with cancelling your payment, admins house move and lack of internet connection might explain lack of communication. Hope you manage to get it sorted.
  3. Hey folks, Just had a quick question about Mame CHD's, hopefully it's not a stupid one! I've cut down my mame set using romlister, though I've not got the full CHD set due to the size. Is there an app/tool which can tell me from my xml database which games in my list need CHD's? Any input appreciated. Cheers!
  4. Lucky to have an xbox old enough to be JTAG'd without it RROD'ing!
  5. That would explain it, seems like quite a few more Asian n Japanese sets as well. Got the Romlister to prune it down to a slightly more manageable 1500 games instead of nearly 30k!
  6. Thanks Brolly, yeah it was. I'm really surprised by how much the rom set has grown in size...iirc the last version I was using was 0.133 that must have been about 20 gig, now 0.148 seems to be double that (excluding CHD's n samples).
  7. Hey folks, Maybe not the best place to post...just wanted to get an and idea and maybe some input. Been a long time since I set my old arcade cabinet up and can't remember the app I used to filter out all the MAME games you don't want to see. Any suggestions on a good tool/application to create the xml database filtered by gametype/controller type etc?
  8. Would have been cool to see and test in English...am guessing this is pretty much dead though?
  9. can imagine how much time and effort has gone into the videos....but still...a mankini? no need!
  10. jd79


    great job on the artwork, nice cab!
  11. I think most peeps who've had a modded xbox would like a jtag'd, no more burning re-burning and then burning some more...not so easy to get hold of, and not cheap!
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